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"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning." - Albert Einstein

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the Wellness Passport subscription plans work?

Access to the Spoiled Life Hub is just the first step in a healthy and abundant living.  Your Passport Plan provides you access to weekly articles and posts, recipes, video and text education and much more.  Both plans provides access to the Wellness Hub, and our limited time offer for the yearly plan will go away soon.

Can I have multiple plans?

Each user can have just one plan, but Spoiled Life loves for their users to refer people.  We will be launching a Referral Program soon which will provide even more great benefits.

Is Spoiled Life Hub affiliated with Young Living?

Spoiled Life is NOT affiliated with Young Living. Spoiled Life website, research, and services are independent and available to anyone; and you are encouraged to share our tools and resources. After tremendous research and trials, I have chosen Young Living to provide my supplements, essential oils, and personal care products because of their consistent testing, transparency, and seed to seal quality. In the last couple of years I have decided to recommend and be a distributor. They are one tool in the box for healthy living. I will always ask for referrals, and will never take a friend or family enrollment from another distributor.

To be spoiled, is to enjoy something that you have worked hard for. Join me in working hard for your health so that you too can enjoy the spoils of your labors
What do others say that are living the Spoiled Life?

As an exercise physiologist with focus in athletic training I have been providing health and wellness consultations for years. From basic dietary recommendations and plans to fitness planning and now environmental consultations I can help you find lasting success quicker.

Here are some of the wonderful things folks have to say. 

Anxiety, Depression and me

Anxiety, Depression and me

Fear, guilt, nervousness about nothing, everything?

Do experience this? I LIVED this for most of my life.  Outwardly most people never saw it, but I was dying inside.  My only physical signs were nervous jitters and my horrible habit of constantly interupting.  Inside? I was worried about everything I said, every move I made, anything I "may" forget.  Nothing specific, just generally everything was a stressor.  I attributed it to being "type A", to moving a lot, to being crazy.  I FORCED myself to do everything from housework, to grocery shopping, to studies, to relationships, to getting out of bed.  I experienced panic attacks, I clinched my jaws, I dealt with spastic colons, and coped with ADHD.  I grew up with a mom that suffered most of her life as well, unbeknownst to me. IF ONLY SOMEONE HAD TOLD US WHAT I AM TELLING YOU! The moments we would not have missed, the accomplished we could have grasped, the special mother daughter moments and friendships we could have invested in and cherished...

In honor of mental health awareness month...

I want to take a moment to be painfully honest, and bust some myths.  

  • Living with anxiety DOES NOT mean you are crazy.
  • Living with anxiety DOES NOT have to be your norm.
  • Short term anxiety is normal and has a very specific cause. We have tools such as breathing technique to calm those nerves and help us to perform well. 
  • Long term, generalized anxiety is not a state we should not have to live in.  It taxes our bodies and disrupts life in many ways.
  • Long term, generalized anxiety has different causes ranging from hormone imbalances, to food intolerances, to trauma.

So lets be real...

Anxiety and depression are common. Debilitating anxiety and depression are common.  This is why I support K9 for Warriors with a percentage of our profits, and partner with facilities such as Sunbelt Wellness who seek to change those pathways the brain has learned.  We do not need to be ashamed.  We need to demand better. We need to advocate for ourselves until we find our solutions.  


Where to start...

How did I overcome this and so can you? For the vast majority of people gut healing and a few coping strategies is absolutely life changing.  In short, gut-brain connection aka heal your gut, heal your brain.  Our gut harnesses its own nervous system.  Why do you think that is?  Most people I work one on one with have a food intolerance or a genetic mutation such as MTHFR that prevents them from processing and absorbing some foods properly.  Repeated exposure causes inflammation, poor uptake of critical vitamins, and inability for the body to process other vitamins and minerals.  This my friends, leads to varying degrees of anxiety, depression, and brain fog.  

Here is the kicker.  Inflammation takes 8 weeks to subside.  EVERY SINGLE TIME you expose your body to the substance it can't process you start that inflammatory cycle all over again! Dairy and Gluten are by far the most inflammatory agents and typically the culprit; which is why I have taken the time and energy to provide shopping lists and pantry swaps for these two categories.  If you have MTHFR folic acid is toxic to your body, and unfortunately found in most all "fortified" foods and drinks.  

HOPE, Is it worth it?...

Of course it is worth it!  Can you imagine walking through life with joy in your heart, a skip in your step, not a hesitation as you move forward! Many of you may not even be able to imagine that, but trust me when I tell you IT IS WORTH IT!  Today, my mom and myself are our healthiest, with no medications, and a life full of joy and opportunity that we are seizing!  The best part?  My girls don't have to experience what we did. We have broken the cycle.

Additional Resources...

- Consult with me for more specific guidance and test recommendations.

- Visit my hub and log into the library for downloadable shopping lists, pantry swaps, and more.

- Follow my stories and IG TV or YouTube channel for easy, healthy, and affordable meals and recipes.

- Search anxiety or scroll through my protocols for coping strategies and essentials oils to help. (Trauma Life, Peace and Calming, Tranquil, Rutavala, and Valor have been life changing for me)

- PTSD or debilitating anxiety needing more immediate attention visit Sunbelt wellness Institute or a similar Ketamine infusion, neurofeedback institute.  

Julie C

I was overwhelmed with the idea of helping my family ‘get healthy.’ Amber and her resources have been a tremendous asset in helping us work towards accomplishing our goals to do so. I especially love all her do-it-yourself alternatives to the toxic products we are exposed to everyday. She is a wealth of information and genuinely wants you to be successful in your wellness journey. 

Julie C, Pharmacist

Kat Robinson

These recipes cards have kept me from feeling like I’m in the dark. I also didn’t have to spend countless hours online hoping to find the right recipe, or not even know where to start. It’s reliable, researched and tested information!  Who doesn’t need that?!

Kat Robinson, Nashville photographer

Spoiledlife philosophies:

  • Spoiled - something you work hard for
  • What is Spoiled Life? The choice to make small healthy decisions for a more abundant and purposeful life.
  • When we realized how our every day products were not as they used to be, and that they could be harming us, we made a conscious decision to do better - one step at a time.
  • When we realized how hard these steps could be, we decided to share our research and tools and steps with you.
  • Living the Spoiled Life is all about risk-reduction. We focus on what we CAN do, not what we shouldn’t do. Through good small decisions and easy swaps we hope that you find full #wellnesswithin. It is then that you can share your gifts with others, and bless your family and community.
  • Series of small good decisions and swaps leads to dramatic changes in the long run (Like eating a good dinner the night before a race rather than pizza). You don’t notice until you are half way through the race.

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