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"Life is a journey, not a destination.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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View online or download ALL of our recipes essential oil recipes, tips, dilution tricks, and more.  This is an expanded digital version of our hard copy sold by Life Science Publishers.   Our recipes are evidenced based and tried and tested just for you. We are adding & updating recipes and tips constantly!


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Have full access to our professional graphics, Essential oil charts and education, CBD oil application charts and education, and so much more.  Discover simple & trusted truths you can utilize and share with your friends and team! Easily save to your phone or print for reference!



Wellness Protocols

Need to know how to support your child through a fever late tonight?  Having an ear ache Saturday morning? Do you just want to not all be home sick so often this year?  How about skin? Want easy to follow protocols that are proven and research based?

We have you covered in our protocols!  EASY BUTTON 



From Hair Gel and Bug Spray, to Minted Lemonade and Wellness Tea, we have lots of recipes for toxin-free living.


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Would you like to save time and money, while filling your home and body with healthier choices?  ME TOO!

Much time, money, and energy has been spent talking with business owners, trying new products, and researching the options.  Collaborations with my favorite vendors bring better deals for healthy living direct to you. Use our codes or links and start saving today!


Printable guides

Are you ready to make some diet changes, but aren't sure where to start? Maybe you need some charts or blank recipe cards for yourself.  We have made our Pantry swaps, Big Box shopping lists, Gluten free swaps, Dairy free swaps, blank recipes and charts in an easy to use format, all readily available for download or print!  Get started today!

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Enjoy Four Complimentary Articles On Wellness

Linen Spray

Linen Spray

Supplies: 2-4oz spray bottle or pump bottle. Ingredients:   Fill 4/5 full with witch hazel or distilled water (witch hazel dries quicker) 8 drops Lavender EO 2 drops Believe, Thieves, or Valor  EO blends Instructions:   Combine all ingredients Shake gently before use....

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Purifying Spray

Purifying Spray

Supplies: 4oz spray bottle or pump bottle. Ingredients:   1/2-1oz pure aloe vera or fractionated coconut oil 3oz witch hazel or distilled water 8-10 drops Thieves EO 2-4 drops Peppermint EO Instructions:   Combine all ingredients Shake well before use. Tips &...

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If I could only do ONE thing for my home

If I could only do ONE thing for my home

If I could only do ONE thing for my home, what would it be? While admittedly I don’t believe anyone will stop once you get started, there is one thing that consistently has the best results.

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The Key to a Balanced Diet

The Key to a Balanced Diet

As always information is research based, evidence supported, and experience proven – provided for you to be able to know better and do better on your time and budget.

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Get your reset button here!

Get your reset button here!

Anyone else need to hit the reset button regularly?
If you ever feel like you are about to pop, can’t keep up, spinning out of control, or snapping at those you love than this post is for you.

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Foundations for an Active and Fit Lifestyle

Foundations for an Active and Fit Lifestyle

To be “ready” to chase those kids, hike that mountain, or run that marathon we should practice a few key habits. These will greatly reduce your chance of injury and cramps, and improve energy and endurance.

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