Foundations for an Active and Fit Lifestyle

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Join us in our #activeandfit series as we explore simple ways to support our structure and get sustainable results.

To be “ready” to chase those kids, hike that mountain, or run that marathon we should practice a few key habits.

Implementing these habits will greatly reduce your incidence of injury and cramps and improve energy and endurance, not to mention leave you feeling more relaxed at the end of the day. To stay well, reach, and sustain your fitness goals try these healthy habits.

I have received A LOT of consults and questions lately regarding how to get above the wellness line. I am going to incorporate my wellness protocols into this foundation post. My apologies for the length but these are important habits that help you stay strong and well and able to go after those goals.   For a simple way to incorporate my wellness routine enroll in my text education series! Receive 1 text per week for four weeks. By the end of four weeks you will have it down!

Vitamin and Minerals

Living an active and fit lifestyle means using up our vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. These are some of my favorites to supplement with for optimal health and performance.

*Levels can be tested with blood work.

A plant based diet with the addition of Nutritional yeast may be sufficient. Otherwise

Mindwise, SuperB, and Mineral Essence are my personal favorites for replacement because they are plant based, bioavailable, and are combined in the right complex for proper absorption and use. This is actually the case for all Young Living supplements I have researched and your needs can be tailored.

PS... Did you know that with most supplements your body can only use 20-30%? That is why doses are so high! Guess what happens with the other 70-80%? Yep. It is waste for your body to store or eliminate!


It is a basic math equation- what goes in? What do we actually use?

So we must support our level of activity. For some that may mean having a meal replacement or protein shake for brunch and a balanced dinner. For others you may need 3 full meals and a protein shake. So listen to your body and pay attention to your supply and demand.

A good shake supplement is HARD TO FIND. it goes back to that whole bioavailable thing v chemicals.

I love Protein Complete or Slique by Young Living depending on your needs. They are balanced nutrition and plant based. They support all areas.


Our bodies are brilliantly made, and typically our liver, kidneys, and lungs filter, process, and buffer toxins and non-nutritive substances to keep us running. We are designed to function with a pH of 7.35-7.45. However, I see patients come in from home at 7.31 or so. They are sick and often have a debilitating infection. Evidence shows many disease processes cannot exist with an alkaline pH.

Anything we can do to help our bodies stay at the high end of the pH will help prevent illness and injury.

  • Drink Raw ACV wellness tea
  • Consumer fermented foods
  • Add orange or lemon EO to your water
  • Avoid purified water (almost always acidic) and drink well, reverse osmosis, or spring.

Illness and fatigue are less likely to live and thrive in an alkaline environment.

*These habits can also help reduce symptoms of acid reflux.

Body Frequency

Just like any sound or motion creates waves our bodies’ communication and activities create frequencies. Studies show low frequency states impede communication and exists with illness and injury.

Support you body by applying Frankincense or Idaho Blue Spruce to the back of your neck daily. Or inhale with 4x4 breathing.

(Join me Friday for this fun breathing technique)

Antioxidant Balance

Free Radicals - Antioxidant binding capacity (ORAC VALUE) = oxidative stress.

Too many free radicals and not enough antioxidants = living below the wellness line. The harder you work out or any new work outs create more free radicals = increased need for antioxidants.

  • Drink 1 ounce of Ningxia Red daily
  • Consume foods rich in Vitamins C, A and E
  • Supplement for the same vitamin. I prefer YL Super C and above mentioned supplements.

Stress Management

Too much circulating cortisol at all times doesn’t allow for a surge when you work out or push yourself a little harder.

  • Epsom salt soaks with any fir tree, chamomile, or blue tansy
  • Roll on Stress Away daily
  • 4x4 breathing with frankincense and citrus oils
  • Pilates or yoga


Imperative for rest and digest and repairing

  • 4x4 breathing

Positive thoughts in / negative thoughts out

  • Diffuse: Lavender, Cedarwood, Peace&Calming,
  • Rub neck or big toe with Valerian (or blend), Blue tansy, Valor,

Pick one of th4se foundations, and #joinme on the path to #wellnesswithin!