’Tis the Season

Walk it off and return to abundance.


“Abundance is not something we acquire, but something we tune into.”
― Wayne Dyer

“Riches are not from an abundance of things, but of a content heart found by being who you are intended to be."

- masked momma



So if the Christmas season is the “most wonderful time of the year” why do we find ourselves stressed and sick?

Some of the reasons are obvious: 

  • Less sleep
  • More electronics (we have to get our holiday movies in, right?)
  • Less sunshine and outdoor activities
  • Less physical activity
  • More sugar
  • Extra emotional stress and triggers (family, loss, tragedy, depression)


How do we counter these inevitable triggers and avoid illness and emotional disturbances?

See Novembers letters on how to improve sleep and stay well, AND when all else fails…

Habit of the week:  Walk more! 

A simple way to get more exercise, a chance to breathe, and time outdoors is to walk more. You might even find out some interesting tidbits from your scholar in these extra steps!  This gives you the opportunity to reset and rediscover the joy and abundance you have deep within.

  • Park further away from your destination

  • Take the stairs

  • Take a lap or a few while waiting on kids or on your coffee break

  • Walk your dog daily

  • When possible, walk rather than ride to the nearest market, book store, or friends house




For more information in how breathing impacts you check out this article and TED Talk.



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    In love and health, 




    Amber N Osborne, CRNA, APRN, MSN
















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