If I could only do ONE thing for my home

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If I could only do ONE thing for my home, what would it be?

While admittedly I don’t believe anyone will stop once you get started, there is one thing that consistently has the best results.

Diffuse, Diffuse, Diffuse!

Diffusing for 20-60 minutes at a time throughout the day can have a dramatic impact in several areas.

Bare with me here and let me try to explain.

Diffuser replace:

  • Room sprays
  • Candles
  • Plug-ins
  • Linen sprays
  • Febreeze


💪🏻Purify surfaces (particles are ionized and penetrate surfaces)

💪🏻Purify the air

🥰Create a positive environment and soothe moods

😴Encourage sleep and improve quality of rest

🙌🏻Reduce anxiety

🤯Enhance focus & energy

🤧Ease breathing

So you see, with just one change many aspects of your home can be improved!

Does it matter what diffuser? Absolutely.

Diffusers are notorious for lasting months, not years. It is almost a running joke with those avid users. I only have Young Living diffusers in my home. One I have had for four years now! The only other place I have had success is Life Science Publishing.

It should be:

  • ionizing
  • guaranteed at least a year
  • tested with therapeutic grade essential oils

I also love an intermittent setting. Mine diffuses 8-10 hrs on intermittent and lasts the entire night or throughout the day to meet my needs.

Does it matter what essential oils I use? Absolutely.

Looking at third party research you will quickly see that not all oils are distilled equally. Many are 3-4th distillations (diluted and contaminated), synthetic replicas, or a non-therapeutic strain. I quickly decided I wasn’t going to waste my time and money on something that wasn’t reliable and maybe not even clean.

Obviously I firmly believe Young Living sets the industry standard and I choose to spend my money where I am sure I will get the oils, the potency, and the purity that should be required.

✔️25 years experience

✔️Seed to seal guarantee: www.seedtoseal.com

✔️Transparency (I have been to the farms, planted, and seen the distilleries and testing process)

✔️Potency - they test some of their plants every 12 hrs leading to harvest for optimal sequesterpene content (therapeutic chemical constituents).

✔️Non-gmo - they are the only non-GMO vitality line approved for ingestion. (Just as their other plant based supplements)


Here are the questions to ask before purchasing an oil:

The answers to these speak to the level safety, potency, purity, & efficacy.

  • Are they labeled for ingestion?
  • Are pesticides & herbicides used?
  • Are they transparent with third party and in-house test results?
  • Where are the plants and trees grown, harvested, and distilled (is it all at the farm or are they shipped around)?
  • Are they harvested during proper season for peak benefits?
  • How are they distilled? Are chemicals or high temperatures used?
  • Do they test themselves and what happens to batches that don’t meet certain standards?
  • Are the farms and distilleries open for visitation?

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