Wellness Consultations

Let me help you unpack the root of what is holding you back, and discover a solution that is long lasting and effective.

Please fill out the consultation form.

Before we can begin, please let me know about yourself so that I may better prepare how to assist in our consultation.  The more thorough and honest you are in the evaluation form, the more effective and complete your personalized plan will be!

Once you return the form I will either review and email a plan direct to you (e-consult), or set up a time over the phone or Face Time to review the information, ask questions, and address concerns before emailing your personalized plan to you.  Scheduling an office consultation gives me the opportunity to both review and create your plan while you sit with me.  In addition you will walk away with tools, printed plan, and some samples cusotmized to your needs!

We work hard to reply within 48 hours.  In the meantime, use the search bar, peruse the FAQ page, and visit the library for answers!

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