Hair Restore

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Recipe 1:  Thicken                Recipe 2: Grow


  • 2 oz spray bottle           2 oz spray bottle


  • 20d Lavender              20d Rosemary

  • 20d Cedarwood           20d Copaiba

  • Aloe or water               Aloe or water


  • Combine all in 2 oz spray bottle.  Shake before each use.  Spray each night.  For optimal results alternate each formula.
  • May swap 1/4 water for fractionated coconut oil and double as leave-in conditioner!


  • Thicken hair

  • Restore areas of hair loss* May need diet changes or supplement support also.

  • Increase rate of growth

  • Tip:  Add a drop of lavender to mascara to improve lash thickness and length!