Soothing Skin Spray

Outdoors, Recipes


  • 4 oz glass spray bottle


  • 1/2c witch hazel (may sub distilled water)
  • 1/4c aloe vera gel or pure extract
  • 8 drops Lavender EO


  • Blend together and pour into 12oz spray bottle.

Tips & Alternatives:

Add 6 drops Tea Tree for minor scrapes and bites.

Gentle Baby EO blend may also be substituted.

May also add Geranium &/or Roman Chamomile EO - 2 drops of each 

Add 2-4 drops peppermint EO for cooling effects.


  • Cool irritated skin after exposure to sun, plants, or other irritants.

  • Calm itchy & burning areas after exposure to sun, ivy, pests, or dry conditions

  • Calm your mood by spraying neck & chest

  • Spray burns to sooth

  • Spray neck during or after work outs