Insider tips to good dental check-ups!

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Kiss cavities and the ever so unpleasant scraping good bye!


Good oral care is one of the most important aspects of whole body wellness. 

Did you know that many infections and heart problems stem from tooth and gum infections?

My family has a history of "soft teeth" leading to cavities, root canals, and absolutely miserable dentist appointments.  Unrecognized or untreated abscesses and cavities can lead to infections throughout your body that you may not realize showing up as low energy, aches and pains, and headaches. Untreated this can lead to infections on your heart valves, surgery, stroke, and other severe complications.

I am happy to report that my children have never had a cavity, and my reports have been excellent (despite my erratic and embarrassingly long time between appointments). My sensitivities are gone, teeth are whiter than ever (even with my steady black coffee consumption), and I don't have to deal with much of any horrible scraping when I go in!  PS did you know bad breath is a sign of your body not properly processing or being intolerant to a certain food?  Ever notice after a night of beer and pizza how your breath or sweat smells different?  It will make you go hmmmmmm.

In fact, when I changed my diet and my oral care system I would have chunks of tarter fall off!  GROSS I know, but WOW!  Those that join me have similar reports to share!  


So what is the routine?  See the cute little green below for the basics.  


  • To get additional whitening without the sensitivity add a drop of Orange vitality EO to your toothbrush.  It is cold pressed from the rind and alkaline in nature.
  • When increased swishing is required (piercings, procedures, aches and pains) swish Thieves mouthwash undiluted or Clove essential oil with water.
  • When cavities begin early in life or persist, this is HIGHLY correlated with a gluten intolerance.  Consider going gluten free!  See my downloads for shopping lists and all the best swaps!
  • As always reducing sugars, cutting sodas, and eating good fats help create a more positive oral environment.  
  • Probiotics  and my daily Wellness Tea "special juice - for the kiddos" (found in recipes) also helps create a healthy oral and whole body environment from mouth to foot.  




Oral Care Routine for Optimal Wellness:  

  • Brush with Thieves Whitening Toothepaste for minimum of 45 seconds twice a day (hum a nice song while you are at it)
  • Floss, especially between tight teeth
  • Follow with my homemade mouthwash or diluted Thieves mouthwash 
  • Periodically brush or swish unfractionated coconut oil with Clove essential oil or Thieves and Lemon