Fast and Furious – Rise of CBD Cannabinoids

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Three little letters are popping up everywhere -  C  B  D   

Do you already use CBD?

Maybe you want to try CBD, but are unsure if it will make you “pop positive” for THC or will even prove effective. Perhaps you even think that taking CBD is a bad idea and not worth exploring.  I am here  to help clarify some of the misleading material about this incredible tool that can be effectively utilized as part of your healthy, natural support system.

We all know that the rise of CBD has been fast and furious.  Navigating this world is a little overwhelming, a little scary, and a little exciting.  All of the research shows that the impacts of CBD oil on CBD2 receptors are safe and efficacious for a wide range of issues that previously had few treatment options.  Some of these issues include chronic pain, anxiety and seizures.  Unfortunately, with the rapid rise in popularity of CBD, distribution centers are popping up everywhere.  Few of these centers offer any research backed testing information about their products, which leaves consumers with little to no data on which to rely.  Meaning it is largely unregulated and potentially dangerous.  At a minimum, many of the products in these distribution centers are not pure and do not contain sufficient levels of CBD.  Therefore, they will not produce the desired results.  At worst, these products are contaminated with chemicals and synthetics, and contain additional plant products (THC) the customer did not intend to consume.

As with any plant based support system (supplements, essential oils, etc.,) a few key kcharacteristics make a drastic impact on the effectiveness and safety profile of CBD.  Not all CBD oils are created equal in potency or purity.  In fact, even labels that share the same dose (eg 500mg) of CBD can produce very different results. 

Some of the important characteristics of CBD that you should be aware of include:  

  • Source
  • Farming practice
  • Distillation practice
  • Bottling
  • Testing


Hemp is what is known as a cleansing plant.  Similar to coffee, hemp will absorb everything in the soil, both cleansing and preparing it. What difference does this make to you? This means that some CBD oil you ingest or utilize can potentially be contaminated with any number of chemicals (pesticides, arsenic, etc) from the soil in which it grew. Because of this, utilization of some CBD products can prove to be more harmful than helpful.

In addition, the climate in which the plant is grown, how the plant is harvested, and especially how the CBD oil is distilled, impact the level of chemical constituents in the plant and the oil.  This means that one company’s 500mg CBD oil may not have nearly the profound effects of another company’s 500mg oil.

Who should you use hemp CBD?

Anyone experiencing chronic pain, acute pain, anxiety, social disorders, movement disorders, cognitive concerns, or disruption at any of the receptors indicated here (insert graphic hyperlink).  Notice that I have only included CBD2 receptors due to my recommendation of hemp and its strong activity at CBD2 and inactivity at CBD1.  For enhanced results, compare our vita flex chart side by side to see which essential oils may work synergistically. As always, you should consult your physician if you are taking any medication and want to incorporate new therapies.

Who should NOT use CBD?

CBD is processed via the CYP 450 enzyme so those individuals with liver disease should use great caution and speak with their physician prior to utilizing CBD.  Also, anyone that has glaucoma should consult with their physician prior to using CBD.

So what should you do next?

My recommendation is for you to try a pure hemp sourced CBD oil.  However, this product is hard to find.  What you want to use is a pure powder source reconstituted with an organic and synergistic carrier oil such as MCT (Medium-Chain Triglyceride). If you desire even greater effects, I suggest you utilize CBD synergistically with essential oils. This is my favorite way to use CBD! And if you feel tempted to roll your eyes, please listen to the science.  The terpenes in some essential oils work synergistically with CBD to enhance your results without implications!

After much research and discussion, I have found only one company that can produce the exceptional product that I described above.

This product:
- Is a truly pure CBD
- Is combined with organic MCT
- Offers full spectrum effects with non-GMO essential oils
- Will not “pop positive” for any THC.
- Is entirely safe for adults
- Is made by Young Living

I am truly excited to expand our tool set to homes and clinics with these amazing products!

No matter your stance on CBD oil, the “cliff notes” on our hub (insert hyperlink) will provide you with the information you need to make an educated decision for yourself and for your family.

If you are already super thankful for your CBD, or want to know more about this incredible supplement, click here to find out all you need to safely and effectively utilize this tool!

If you are a practitioner who is already offering your patients and clients this tool (or are considering it), please reach out to me today!  I am here to help you navigate this new and exciting world.