7 Keystone Habits for Health & Happiness

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Daily KeyStone Habits for Health & Happiness

I have missed you! These past few months have been a much needed time of reflection and rejuvenation. I have spent a lot of time with my family, working on myself, and infusing goodness within my community. Of course, I continue to complete those wellness plans, teach classes, and educate myself and you guys. On that note, if you would like for me to create a personalized class for you and your friends please reach out. Going forward I will be writing less often; but rest assured it will be inspired and worthy of your time. Speaking of, what if someone promised you that if you incorporated 7 simple habits into your daily routine it would lead to a life a health, happiness, and abundance?  Would you do it? It is possible, 7 daily habits for health and happiness!

I have waited so long to write my first article in 2021 that we have already reached the point at which 98% of people have stopped chasing their New Year’s Resolutions.


Why? Because research shows that good small daily decisions (habits) makes for the greatest success. I highly recommend reading The Compound Effect for a clear perspective on the impact consistent small, good decisions can make in all aspects of your life.

So on to the good part; through research and trial and error I have solidified 7 Key Stone habits that lead to health and happiness by managing stress and leading to joy, staying productive and inspired, connecting with others, staying physically well, and doing good at every opportunity.  Think of these 7 habits like fertilizer for a solid root system.  By incorporating these daily habits you are building the foundation for sustainable health, happiness, and abundance.

7 Key Stone Habits for health and happiness:

Choose Gratitude (2-3min)

First &/or last in the day write or speak 3-5 things, persons, places, freedoms, etc.. that are you thankful for in that moment. Gratitude books like this one can help establish this habit and prevent monotony. Amazon link

Honor your feelings in all situations and work THROUGH them. These habits will help with this. Being thankful in the daily routine and in trials literally rewires our brain. You will find you are more open to opportunity rather than held back by opposition. You will find your responses to people and situations will be positively different.

Have Fun (15+min)

Write down 5 things that you find fun, and then just go do them. Spend AT LEAST 15min / day doing something fun. (Play a game, read, cartwheels, sudoku or crosswords, visit a park, fly a kite, etc….)

Did you know it takes far more energy to frown, worry, be angry or sad than it does to smile and be happy? Proper circulation, healthy immunity, good nerve communication, reduction of pain, and prevention of injury. (Incorporating yoga or pilates 2-3/week also meets this need and is highly recommended for athletes and middle to older aged adults)

Stretch & Move (10-20 min)

Whether with bands, against a wall, on a yoga mat, or on a foam roller spend time stretching your muscles and tendons. See this Video for a 10min routine that will prevent a lot of pain and injuries.

Stretching and moving is imperative for good circulation, healthy immunity, proper nerve function, and decreased pain and risk of injury. This is especially imperative for athletes and anyone over 40. Yoga or Pilates is a fun way to get this in 2-3 days a week and many great programs can be found on line, through beach body, or many apps. If you have a Pelaton it is likely you have this option!

Pray / Meditate (3-?min)

Dedicate the same time each day to pray or meditate. Start with thanksgivings, move to confessions and requests for forgiveness, and end with requests or thoughts of what you seek for yourself, others, country, etc...

As little as 3 min give us an opportunity to confess any wrongs and get them off our chest, seek guidance, ask for what we desire and realign our priorities. This is an activity that you can spend as little or as much time on and will give you a sense of freedom and peace.

FUN FACT:  Did you know that couple that pray together are 70% less likely to get divorced and over 90% report improved sex life?!  Prayer creates a safe place for vulnerability, support, and intimacy that is hardly found elsewhere.  Try it out! 


Breathe in from your nose down to the base of your lungs. Hold for 4 seconds. Exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat 4 times.

Deep breathing improves circulation, oxygenation, and focus as well as reduces stress hormones. Daily deep breathing can be completed during times of prayer as can the gratitude practice. JUST 5 MIN a day to complete these three habits can dramatically change your perspective and response to “opportunities” and people that present themselves. In times of stress and under fear we tend to breathe more shallow and breath hold. Breathing allows us to process and release, which gives us the ability to move through those emotions.

Unplug / Get outside

Literally unplug. Have phones outside your bedroom at all times. Have one day /week in which you don’t keep your phone or watch handy. Delete social media apps off of your phone so that you check in during an allotted time from a computer. Sit outside as much as you can for coffee, meals, reading, study, etc…) Go barefoot. Dig in a garden or plant some plants.

You will likely be surprised at the increased joy, freedom, confidence, creativity, and productivity you experience from being reconnected to yourself, your environment, and people right around you. Being outside gets us away from the blue light and into the sunlight, where only good things can happen.


Make a phone call to catch up with a friend. Go check on a neighbor. Join someone for a cup of coffee or pastry. Invite a friend to garden or do a project with you. Share your hobbies and passions with someone. Get involved in a community advocacy group. Clean up your neighborhood or river/lake. Volunteer at a non-profit, shelter, or after school program.

When humans connect, listen, and learn beautiful and unexpected things happen. We begin to understand each other and ourselves better. We see where our gifts and passions can help others and be a blessing. We are often blessed by friends, neighbors, and team mates when they have an opportunity to surround us with love.

So there you have it! Where will you start? You now have the key, 7 daily habits for health and happiness! An easy place is by printing this newsletter and hanging it where you will see it daily (by a mirror, in the car, on a cabinet in the kitchen….) START BUILDING THOSE ROOTS TODAY FOR A BOUNTIFUL FUTURE TOMORROW.


Remember, the hub is packed FULL of information to help you succeed along the way. There is more about each of these topics, helpful and printable documents, nutritional swaps, and pantry turn overs. Whatever your health goals are it is likely we have a tool for you!

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Start today with one of these suggestions for a better tomorrow!

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Where will you start?


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