A Moment of Silence

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Let us all take a moment together...


For ourselves, for our neighbors, for our community, and for our nation let us assume less, talk less, act slower.  Let us listen, actually hear, see understanding and knowledge, and help. A moment of silence to lift each other up and ask for clarity of action.

When any group of Americans are hurting, we all hurt.  It is time to take a moment of silence.

If you have followed me for anytime you know that I work very hard to focus on what we can do to better ourselves and our communities.  Politics and religion are something I speak of in my home with friends (of all walks of life) that want to share their perspective and hear mine. This blog is no exception.  Our nation is in turmoil and we need to come together in prayer, in thought, in love, and hopefully in action.  I urge you each to take a moment of silence with a friend or family member and lift your community up.  Meditate on who you can reach out to share your concerns as a black american, or who you can listen to and hear as a white American.  Consider those that you know that will join you in these sometimes difficult but imperative discussions.  Build these discussions around love for each other.  Speak honestly and truth in love.

Then take action!

While I do not have the answers, and am probably more a part of the problem than I know, I will share what I am doing to better understand and positively impact my family and community. I grew up a white American in a home where all were welcomed.  We saw color, but skin color was just a part of who we were as unique people, from different backgrounds, with different talents, strengths, and weaknesses.  I had no concept of white privilege.  Truly.  My first witness of racism is hearing how our University system was overlooking and mistreating my best friends father because of his color.  He is talented, strong, kind, and wise.  He went on to do great things elsewhere.  I still struggle to understand how this happens, how human beings can feel superior based solely off of skin color.  When I moved to Jacksonville I experienced racism personally with black employees not wanting to serve me, but rather the other black employees before and after. me. Again, I was shocked. It was the first time I witnessed the anger and frustration that some in my own community live with.  For the sake of my children, the next generation, my friends, and my community I have reached out to a few black friends closest to me and compiled a list of action items that I am working through to better understand, to be a better friend, to be a better community member, to be a better mom and leader for the next generation.  I would love for you and your friends to join me.

Actionable ways to learn, grow, and be a helper (not a hater):

  • READ:
    • Be the Bridge by Latasha Morrison. https://bethebridge.myshopify.com/collections/all
      • Join their groups for zoom classes, social media education, and more.
    • White Fragility by Robin Diangelo
    • Homegoing by YaaGyasi
    • To friends or family members.  Reach out to your white or black family members and friends.  Express your desire to understand or to share your fears and frustrations.  See if you can read a book together and/or have those hard discussions.
    • White friends, check in on your black friends.  Black friends, inform your white friends of ways they can support or pray for you.
    • White friends, when you reach out be prepared to listen and hear.  Do not justify, explain, defer, etc.
    • Black friends, when you reach out be honest in love, and realize most of your white friends truly have no idea and no desire for you to live in fear and anger.
    • Support your local black owned businesses.
    • Check in on your neighbors.
    • Get active with each other.  Join a club, or fitness group, or create a run/walk group of black and white friends.  
    • Moms, have play dates with each other. Be intentional, and be together.  This is how the next generation knows a different reality. 
  • During stressful times such as these I do find aromatherapy very helpful in opening my mind, releasing negative feelings of fear and resentment, and assisting my body in sleep and stress response.  My favorite essential oil blends
    • Release over liver or diffused with Orange and Ylang Ylang.
    • Peace and Calming to jaw line and chest each night and as needed during the day.
    • Stress Away on wrists in the morning and as needed as well as on face after washing.
    • Valor to the jaw line morning and evening for grounding and confidence.
    • Diffuser:  Black spruce, Orange, and Joy; or Release and Orange; or Pine, Orange, and Spearmint; 
    • Trauma Life or T-Away to release triggers and allow myself to process feelings and for extra help sleeping.

These tips are just a start and are not a solution, but just like with everything else, we have to keep stepping towards better.  I am taking next week off so that I can read and spend family time, and reach out to some.  I will come back to you in a couple of weeks to share all about Men's health.  This is going to be good, and so different than most approaches to mens' health.  Stay tuned!   Also, don't miss our new "success stories" on social media each Friday.  We are sharing our favorites, and you won't want to miss these uplifting shares!


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In love and health,



Amber N Osborne, CRNA, APRN, MSN


A promise from me:

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