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As a woman have you ever experienced anxiety, bloating, rapid mood swings, irritability, abdominal discomforts, temperature swings?  

If you answered yes to any of these issues you won't want to miss a single article this month!  We have devoted May to Women's Health Month; and we have a lot of pearls in store for you.

With Mothers' day around the corner we want to share some tips for joyful living and rejuvenating.  Mother's Day is a day set aside to celebrate the millions of women who bare, birth, and/or raise our next generation.  Ideally, it is a time to recognize the sacrifices mother's everywhere make for the sake of their children.  It is a time to say thank you.  We all know being a mother doesn't every stop.  Dishes, laundry, errands, meals all still need to be done, so we can find it hard to stop and rest even on a day devoted to celebrating us mothers.  

We also understand that, while happy pictures circulate,  this is a difficult day for many.  Whether you have lost a child, had a miscarriage (s), or lost your own mother this day presents challenges to some.  

So how do you fill your tank up?

It is up to us to advocate for ourselves, to discover what we need, and to share those needs with those that love us.  Often we see that family members want to lift each other up, they just don't understand (often their own) each other's love languages, values, and needs.  But what does that look like? On short order, these are some of my favorite ways to recharge and tips for discovering your inner joy.  For my entire joy story and journey check out "MY JOY STORY" at this body of  this page..

  • Ask yourself, "what makes me smile?". Visualize being with someone, experiencing something, or being in a particular place and whatever brings you the biggest smile should move higher up your priority list.  
  • Write down 3 hobbies you love or you have always wanted to try.
  • Write down your absolute NEEDS.
    • The purpose of this is to highlight that most of us have our NEEDS met and can rest in security.
  • Set aside at least 20 minutes each day just for you to read, pray, stretch, or sit in your happy place.
    • Be creative.  Be strong.  This is the greatest challenge for me as a working mom, and it turns out it is one of my greatest personality needs (this and extreme physical challenges lol).  My time at home is easily soaked up by those I love, and I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON.  Evenings are reserved for hubby and I to catch up or dream. For me this time comes during or after lunch, even if I have to put a short TV show on for them.
  • Want to dig deeper?
    • Try taking the Tony Robbins personality test.  I do recommend the $15 upgrade (and no I don't get a referral) because it gives you tools to utilize this information.  Bonus if you can get your family members take it. 
    • Read one or two of my favorite books that speak to you.  The Compound Effect, The Gift of Imperfection.
    • Grab a consult with me to discover how external factors may be making life more difficult and less joyous for you.  These consults are available on line or at the ALL NEW Renaissance Center for Wellness & Longevity, Jacksonville, FL.  What to expect from these consults?  You get to tell me.  In privacy and comfort you get to share you concerns and goals and after reviewing your day to day I help you find solutions from supplements, to lifestyle changes, to environmental changes that can eliminate your greatest issues and free you to be your best.  Whether physical or emotional symptoms let me guide you to optimizing your body functions for an abundant and joyful life.

My favorite ways to refill... 

  • Garden: Whether flowers or edibles, pots or a large garden, digging in the ground and nurturing something to blossom can be very grounding and therapeutic. 
  • Reading:  spending time in a book or magazine can inspire and transport you in just the way you need!  Did you know if you have Amazon Prime you get free books?
  • Stretching and breathing can restore circulation and happy thoughts, especially when paired with Citrus essential oils or blends such as Joy or Valor EO.
  • Take a day off: It is so important to give AND TO RECEIVE.   Think about it.  What is the worst that can happen when you don't do the laundry, dishes, or floors for a day?  Better yet, share our need with your family and give them the opportunity to serve you in this capacity.  Allowing others to serve and bless you allows them to connect with you and feel valued.  
  • Taking a walk, a run, a paddle, or visiting a friend.  Time away leaves them missing you and you missing them; and often leads to greater QUALITY time. So whether you fill your soul with alone time or you fill it by being with friends, go for it!  Daily, weekly, monthly, just do it!

Now, stay tuned as we head into May.  Get your friends signed up on the newsletter as May will be EVERYTHING women's health!  We are going places we have never gone before, and we are excited!

  • You've got this:  All about how to stay sane, less irritable, and less anxious.
  • Swing, swing, swing: From the little known hormonal surge around 7yo to menopause we have some tips for maintaining health and happiness.
  • Pick your battles:  Find out what little things around you may be making life harder, and making you more anxious.
  • Guest appearances:  We are blessed to welcome a talented Physical Therapist who will share with us tips for Pelvic floor health.
  • New protocols and wellness box recommendations.  Being in my mid-forties I am beginning to need more support to maintain my health and wellness.  This has led me to also make it easier for other women to do the same. I  am sharing my research and protocols with you.  These are the same protocol I have used with dozens of other for better sleep, increased energy, and less anxiety.


So don't be afraid or too annoyed to GET OUTSIDE!  Be proactive and intentional in creating a safe, fun, and therapeutic outdoor space for the health of your home and community.



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In love and health,



A promise from me:

Our bodies will have a successful immune response when exposed if we create the right environment and give it the right tools!

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