Blue Light: Impact and Solutions

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What is blue light?


Blue light is a shorter wavelength light, emitted largely from our electronic devices, which scatters causing eye strain, fatigue, altered sleep patterns, headaches, and retinal cell damage.  Although it can be beneficial during the daytime, boosting both attention and reaction times, blue light is very disruptive at night.  This is a modern-day problem we tend to take for granted with our well-lit streets, televisions, smart phones, iPads, and other blue-light emitting devices we utilize after sundown.


Blue light can really disrupt our sleep.  Circadian rhythms are approximately 241/4 hours for the average Joe.  Those that stay up late, have a longer rhythm while early birds have shorter rhythms.  See, I can't help that I'm not an early bird LOL.  In all seriousness though, blue light exposure after nightfall disrupts these natural rhythms, stimulating brain cells, making it harder for people to fall and stay asleep.


Humans possess the ability to utilize some natural protection from blue light (intended to protect against normal daylight exposure).  What is that natural protection?  It comes from Lutein and Zeaxanthines, which increase the filter capacity and reduce the passage of blue light to the retina and deeper intraocular regions.  We cannot make our own Lutein and Zeaxanthines so we must get them from other sources including vegetables and fruits such as wolfberries, cherries, marigolds, and purple carrots. (Just one more reason to love my daily Ningxia Red shot).


I don’t know about you, but I eat marigolds every day…how about you?!  JUST KIDDING!  We obviously don’t consume all of these foods on a regular basis but there are other valuable supplements out there that can help support your body’s natural protection from blue light.


What can you do?


If you are worried about the amount of time you or your kids spend on devices, and the potential long term impact on focus, vision, and brain function, check out these simple solutions. Consider a new non-GMO powerhouse I just discovered called Illumineyes!  You can ask your Young Living distributor about it or click on my link in vendor preferences to add it to your routine! Snag the Ningxia premium starter kit, add this on, and you will feel like a new person in 30 days.  Due to it's various and potent antioxidant actions the wide range of positive effects will surprise you! At over 1 million on the ORAC scale and range of sources this is the easiest way to protect your skin, eyes, hair, and immunity! 


I get TONS of questions and consults about sleep.   "I can't get my kids to sleep", "My kids wake up at ___ every night", I wake up at or can't fall asleep, etc.... Check out my sleep protocol in the library of our website. Eliminating blue light exposure prior to bed is an important part of this practice.  Make sure to limit screen time to <2 hours a day, especially for kids; and eliminate screen time 1-2 hourse before sleep.


I recommend reading, puzzles, games, stretching, and other similar activities instead. 


PS … The Young Living box program is the best deal going.  Grab a premium kit or basic kit and have full wholesale access to additional products for a full year!