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While a little delayed, we have finally reached our few weeks of the year dedicated to all the men out there; and we could not be more excited to share these lessons and pearls.  You see, as unique as us women are; men are too.  Now more than ever we need men to be healthy, strong, and successful to lead our young men and families through these trying times.  Whether you are chasing down fitness goals, business goals, or just some personal and relationship goals you will be more successful if you are working with a healthy inside.  Difficulty of fighting for a goal is only amplified, when you are also struggling internally.  Time to make it easier on yourself and finally reach those goals!

"I always thought it was me against the world.  I finally realized it was just me against me all along!" - Kendrick Lamar

Being the best version of ourselves requires we spend some effort taking care of ourselves. 

How do we stay healthy and what sets men apart in their needs?  In short men are opposite women, that is, their endocrine system is opposite.  Women produce largely progesterone with some estrogen via the ovaries and testosterone via adrenal system.  Ovarian production is cyclical and varies.  Adrenal release is based on stress response or other disease processes of the adrenal and kidneys and RAAS system.  Men produce largely testosterone from the testicles in a fairly constant release with small amounts of progesterone and estrogen from the adrenal system.


In all seriousness, this means that men need different support for mood stabilization, anger control, focus, proper sleep, injury prevention, etc.  So what is the key to success? Why do we need to do anything to support our bodies other than eat and sleep?  Excellent question!  As we age our bodies slow their production of vital hormones and precursors and today's diets are typically insufficient in vital nutrients and minerals that keep our immune systems, endocrine and adrenal (fight, flight, and energy system), and hormones in check.  Antioxidants are extremely helpful  in combatting daily exposures to toxins, non-nutritive foods and drinks, and pollutants. See my education in the library to get a better understanding of what they are, how they work, and what kinds we need. In short, they will reduce risk of injury and illnesses and improve energy and focus by clearing out the junk.   A great night time routine is imperative for rest and productivity as well as rejuvenation of hormones and adrenal systems (rest and digest phase).  A few supplements to optimize your endocrine and hormonal system since most often our diets are insufficient in minerals, vitamins, and nutrition.  To make it super easy I have developed a generalized wellness plan for men that will leave you feeling energetic, strong, and eager to go after those goals.  Check it out here on my wellness box page.  Speaking of goals, if you have specific goals reach out today for a consultation!  Whether it is a mental block, physical struggle, or emotional issue I can likely uncover what is holding you back and give you the tools you need to push through! As an athletic trainer I have been guiding clients through nutrition and fitness plans for over decades.


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NEXT WEEK:  Get a sneak peak into some tips and tools for attacking your fitness goals and endurance needs.  We will finish out with some simple ways to improve focus and sleep and then review a few targeted needs such as aches and pains.

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Amber N Osborne, CRNA, APRN, MSN


A promise from me:

Our bodies will have a successful immune response when exposed if we create the right environment and give it the right tools!

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