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How do we carry forward today?


How can or should we carry forward in today's world?  Our worlds are very different on so many levels right now.  Information comes, goes, and changes so quickly.  What we should do, what we shouldn't do, what can be said or can't, and even rules and laws are changing quickly.  Between COVID and America's challenge of healing the racial divide and damage from our forefathers we as individuals are challenged more than ever to dig deep, find our moral compass, strength, compassion, love, and knowledge.

It is time for an awakening.

We can hope and dream of changes in our government and in our communities; but do you know what has to happen for real change in our country?  I have to change.  You have to change.  The people have to change.  While seemingly different, many of our problems will be addressed with the same steps.  We must be willing to look at ourselves, setting (even justifiable) excuses aside, and approach our days with our hearts and wisdom in all areas.  It is time to empower ourselves and our neighbor to take better care of ourselves, to be more kind, to carry less presumption and anger, to listen first, ask more questions, and grow our knowledge (evidenced based knowledge).  Get the WHOLE picture.

As we do the hard work to learn and grow a few things need to stick with us!

Moving through today's world of pandemics, racial divide, and new eras of school and work environments requires adaptation, but a few healthy habits will set us up to have less complications, less illness, less fear, greater relationships, deeper connections, and ABUNDANCE.

Habits I am keeping as I carry forward:

  • Health: for the greater good of our community and to allow proper healing of myself and family.
    • Stay home or wear a mask when symptomatic (of anything).
    • Stay home until 24-48 AFTER a fever is GONE.
      • I will be advocating by letters to my mayor and governor that employers give more sick days (that don't carry over) to allow for people to be home when they or their children are ill.  If you would like verbiage to send email me for my letter.
    • Use standard precautions:  Wash hands regularly (AND FOR 20 SECONDS min), do not touch my face, try not to touch public surfaces and use a healthy sanitizer such as Thieves when I do. Stay minimum of 2 feet away from strangers up to 6 feet away in winter/virus months. Cough into my sleeve, not my hands.
    • Honor personal space:  Stay a minimum of 2 feet from strangers (average distance droplets travel) up to 6 feet in peak virus/winter seasons as droplets can travel further in less dense air.
    • Support my immune system:  See my immune protocol.  IT WORKS.  It just does.  Just do it.  Less doctors, less missed whatever, more quality time and productivity ongoing.
  • Community
    • Presume less
      • I have a lot to learn.  We all have different experiences.  For instance I hear many white people say "slavery was decades ago, can't we move on".  I don't know about you but I love genealogy and DNA sequencing because I love to learn about my roots and history.  I find that many traits of my ancestors can be clearly seen throughout my family, and explains a lot as to where we are and what we do.  Most of our black American friends have slavery as a part of their past and it impacts them in vast ways whether consciously or not.  It is a part of their roots that cannot and should not be forgotten.  It is a part of what makes them strong, a part of their providence as Dr. Baucham eloquently describes.
      • We need to embrace our differences, have friends that are different than us.  This is what makes our country, our communities, and our lives so very rich and fulfilling.
    • READ.  Read history, read multiple news outlets (even the ones you don't like or trust), read all sides, hear all sides.  Remember truth is often in the middle and all people carry bias.
    • These habits will lead to greater opportunities for connection, impact, and abundance for all.
  • Involvement:
    • Get involved.  Find out what organizations need your gift or your time.  Or just reach out to an organization that speaks to you.
    • Money talks:
      • Reach out into your community and see what businesses you should be supporting or shouldn't with your purchases.
      • Donate to organizations that are creating positive change
    • Vote: (not down a party line, but for the PERSON that will hear you and create change in your community.). Remember, local government often has far more impact on your daily life than national government.  Don't skip local elections, and educate yourselves about candidates history, education, fund supporters, and plans (actual detailed plans, not big picture ideas)
  • Again, aromatherapy helps to support the stress response, encourage confidence, and reduce anxiety during times of change such as these
  • My favorite essential oil blends
    • Release over liver or diffused with Orange and Ylang Ylang.
    • Peace and Calming to jaw line and chest each night and as needed during the day.
    • Stress Away on wrists in the morning and as needed as well as on face after washing.
    • Valor to the jaw line morning and evening for grounding and confidence.
    • Diffuser:  Black spruce, Orange, and Joy; or Release and Orange; or Pine, Orange, and Spearmint;
    • Trauma Life or T-Away to release triggers and allow myself to process feelings and for extra help sleeping.
    • Powergize or Thyromin Supplements by Young Living go a long way to support the endocrine and adrenal systems during times of fatigue.

These tips are just a start and are not a solution, but just like with everything else, we have to keep stepping towards better.  I am taking next week off so that I can read and spend family time, and reach out to some.  I will come back to you in a couple of weeks to share all about Men's health.  This is going to be good, and so different than most approaches to mens' health.  Stay tuned!   Also, don't miss our new "success stories" on social media each Friday.  We are sharing our favorites, and you won't want to miss these uplifting shares!

NEXT WEEK:  launches a few weeks of men's health.  Don't miss out!  We will be talking focus, hormones, libido, fitness, and more.

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In love and health,



Amber N Osborne, CRNA, APRN, MSN


A promise from me:

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