Connecting during Isolation

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Connection is vital, especially during times of isolation.

Loneliness, anxiety, and depression can result from isolation. Perspective can be gleaned from staying in touch, which allows us to share burdens and lift each other up.


  1.  SELF: This is an excellent time to reconnect with ourselves.  Establish a very short routine (5min) to help you stay focused on what recharges you and helps you understand yourself better.  This 5 minutes a day will greatly impact your sense of well-being as well as well as your interactions with those you are around.  Log into our LIBRARY for details on each technique.  Find them under the education section.   
    • Practice Gratitude in all situations
    • Meditate (sitting quietly and noticing how your body feels, what emotions you feel, what God is telling you, etc...) There are great apps for this or read our meditation guide in the library. 
    • Journal your deep thoughts, fears, dreams, goals (if doing this properly you would be embarrassed/uncomfortable for others to read)
    • Realign your body with short yoga stretches, foam roller, yoga trapeze, etc... This will improve circulation, rest, and focus.
    • Exercise or Alone time
    • To discover more about yourself and family members consider taking the Tony Robbins DISC personality test! Understanding your own tendencies, needs, and values will help you understand why you are responding in certain manners.
  2. FAMILY:  This time may be a blessing or challenge being in close quarters or quarantined from family. A few tools can help you. 
    • Make rules for electronics that fit your family (no electronics at the dinner table or after dinner, etc..)
    • Make a list of activities you can enjoy together (family games, cards, scavenger hunts, insect hunts, bird sightings)
    • Set aside time to spend apart and spread out around the house and yard.
    • Have each member take the DISC by Tony Robbins.  This will provide insight as to why you each respond like you do, what you value for your time and relationships, and how you like to communicate.  THIS CAN SAVE MARRIAGES and improve relationships with children.
    • Time out.  Whether you pray, yoga, read, bake, etc. try doing this all huddled up together.  Take just a few minutes for each family member to express how they are feeling that day.  This allows tremendous release and lets us understand each other better (and maybe why we are short that day or wanting to be more playful and less work or trying hard to work).
  3. OTHERS:  Now is the time to reach out to those that cross your brain, friends from a long time ago, distant family members, best friends, and even new friends that share common understandings.   Laughter is an amazing healer, feeling understood is powerful, and sharing burdens is uplifting. 
    • Stay connected with apps like Face Time, Marco Polo, Zoom, Skype.  Most of these you can have multiple people on.  
    • Schedule a group gathering online.  Try having "happy hour" with your closest group of friends or schedule a "meeting" with others that understand what you are going through (MOPS, professionals, co-workers, work out groups can all gather in these apps and share how you are getting through or just listen to each other).
    • Hug and touch those you live with.
    • Take a walk and share a smile and a wave with neighbors.
    • Organize a hunt for the kids or adults via NextDoor or neighborhood communication tool.  Word hunt, Bear hunt, Beer hunt, whatever...  Neighbors who participate place the selected item for hunting in their yard or window.  As you walk you can take a picture, grab the item, or note the item.  In a word hunt you coordinate to build a sentence or message of hope.  Think uplifting, funny, silly, supportive.

We are fortunate this is happening in a time of technology, where we can still reach out, check in, and recharge with others.  Take advantage of this opportunity.  You might be surprised at the healing and deeper level of connection that occurs leaving you with fuller hearts moving forward.


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