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The Food Humans Can’t Process…

(and eliminating from diet produces tremendous health benefits)

Human bodies lack the enzyme (lactase) to fully digest lactose found in many cow's milk products.  Our bodies quit producing the enzyme (lactase) around 2 years old, which means over 60% of us cannot break down cow products.  So to say we have a lactose intolerance may be true, but that is the norm, not a disease state.  We are almost ALL lactose intolerant!

Before the tears start, hear me out.  

If you find you experience chronic fatigue, chronic post nasal drip, ongoing or multiple allergies, bloating, and flatulance CONGRATULATIONS you are normal!  Lactose that you consume sits in your gut fermenting, producing or more acidotic state, gas, cramping, and IBS type symptoms.

Removing cow milk products that contain lactose will likely alleviate these symptoms, reducing inflammation throughout your body.  Many of my clients find they no longer need their allergy medicine after ditching the gluten or dairy from their diets!  I am one of those!!  

No more coughing when I lay down, embarrassing runny noses or bad breath, or gas! For me, this is well worth the swaps!  I still enjoy other cheese products made from nuts, goat, and sheep; and I do still use Kerry Gold butter without the pesky signs of inflammation. This brings me to another point, the hormones and antibiotics the animals receive in addition to the pesticide covered and gmo feed do matter.  Therefore, source matter and farming practices matter (see a trend?).  If you have been following me you know what I am going to say.... Buy from a company that uses healthy and sustainable farming practices such as Kerry Gold. (No, I have no relationship with them and do NOT receive any kickback).  

I am merely trying to make your journey easier, and help you live your best life!

If you are ready to try skipping the lactose for two weeks visit the library for my pantry swaps, shopping lists, and trial menu!

Pro Tip:

If you experience stinky flatulence, body odor, or sweat your body is ridding itself of toxins, and this is a great sign you need to drop something from your diet (beer, gluten, and dairy are the big culprits)!  Stay tuned for more on this.

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