Do you feel upside down a few days a month?

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Whether heavy cycles, extreme mood swings, extreme fatigue, or severe pain typifies your monthly cycle; you don't have to suffer days every month!  

I remember the days headed into my cycle I might as well empty the calendar.  Fatigue, irritability, lack of creativity, and bloating plagued my days.  It just didn't seem fair days every month were just gone!


Do you know that a large majority of women suffer from these symptoms? While you are not alone, it also does not mean this has to be normal! Even after hysterectomy or menopause we still have swings in our hormone levels, but experience an additional set of symptoms related to low hormones.  What if you could live free of these burdens and be free to be yourself all month long?

So let's look at what affects proper function. You may be surprised at some solutions!  Even if you are post menopausal these tips are for you as sources haven't changed, just receptors.

  • Congested liver and lymphatics
  • Direct issues such as polycystic diseases
  • Fragrances and other toxins

Some of these may come as a surprise to you so let's dig a little deeper.

  • Congested liver and lymphatics
    • Our liver is largely responsible for filtering and eliminating toxins and non-nutritive substances in our body.  The lymphatics are like the plumbing for this system.  When we have an overload of toxins or non-nutritive substances (which most of us do) this system gets congested.  
    • Signs of congested are "irritability and quickness to agitation/anger", chronic fatigue or lethargy, brain fog.
  • Direct issues such as polycystic diseases
    • This is a more complicated source often have their roots in autoimmune illness and food intolerances, and are complicated by fragrances and toxins and continued exposure to inflammatory cause.
    • Signs can be pain, heavy cycles, low energy, infertility, abnormal cycles, and more.
  • Fragrances and other toxins
    • Did you know that the term "fragrance" encompasses thousands of chemicals?
    • These chemicals are proven to disrupt your endocrine system and hormone production and balance! YIKES
    • Migraines, sharp swings in mood and irritability, anxiety, and more may be signs fragrances or toxins in your home or personal care products are messing with your system.


So what do we do about it?

Fortunately there are some simple swaps you can make and a few herbal supports that can get you back on track!  If you are ready to have quick success and committed to seeking change grab a consult with me for a personalized plan.

  •  Congested liver and lymphatics:  See our new WOMEN's health wellness box and protocols in the library for more details.
    • Drink a minimum of half your weight in ounces of water daily! Add another glass for each glass of alcohol you drink.  Add a drop of Peppermint or Lemon essential oils (EO) to enhance results.
    • Minimize or eliminate alcohol for 14-30 days
    • BOUNCE:  bounce on a trampoline or a balance disk or exercise ball.  This helps get the lymphatics going.
    • BRUSH:  Use a soft dry brushing technique.  After or before a hot shower is a convenient time to get this going.
    • Antioxidant load:  You know my thoughts on this and can find plenty of evidence as to how consuming multiple antioxidants helps bind up all the free radicals and reduce toxic load. You know my choice is Ningxia Red because of ease, affordability, and effectiveness with a number of different antioxidants with a powerful ORAC due to clove, citrus, and berries.
    • Sulferzyme:  This supplement is power packed with MSM, minerals, and coenzymes that help support the liver and overall cellular health! *a naturally occurring organic dietary sulfur (not the same as a sulfa allergy).
    • EAT greens (unless contraindicated due to medications or physician advice) or take Multigreen supplement by Young Living.  Also an incredible powerhouse.  With imperative amino acids, iron, bee pollen, kelp, and alfalfa you will likely discover many health benefits if this is on your daily routine!  Supporting the glands and lymphatics and circulatory system this supplement boosts vitality and longevity.
    • Hot flashes?  support the liver and check out our women's health box and "cooling spray" recipe!  IT works wonders!
  • Direct issues:  Reach out for a personal consult and plan!
    • Discover and address inflammatory cause
    • Eliminate cause
    • Reduce inflammation
    • Incorporate liver/women protocol
  • Fragrances and other toxins that contribute to liver and lymphatic congestion:
    • Fragrances are the biggest contributor
    • Remove as many fragrances as possible, but particularly scented candles, plug ins, lysol, and dryer sheets.  Substitute the candles, plugs ins and lysol (and wax melts) with diffuser.  Swap those dryer sheets out for wool dryer balls like these.  Dryer sheets are THE TOP contaminant of indoor air quality leading to allergies, eczema, and headaches.   Companies such as Young Living that do not use fragrances and use Botannical sources are a great way to slowly start switching out daily products for healthier versions.  Just realize their products are very concentrated and lasts a very long time.  On my monthly shipment program I spend far less with them than going to target for organic.
    • Reduce toxic load of feminine products.  Try these out instead feminine menstrual cups ( I like the one with the VALVE) or period panties ( I love these as a back up on a long OR day, and also for teenage girls).  Many women notice a lighter menstruation just by getting rid of traditional toxic tampons and pads.


Where will you start?  Grab onto one section and go after it!  30 days from now you could be a new you!

Stay tuned.  Next week we bring to you some solutions for all of those emotional that come with womanhood and motherhood! Get your friends added to the newsletter or tagged on social media to follow along!



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