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Holiday Seasons are upon us!
Sweet treats, family gatherings, incredible food, and busy schedules.

During these times we often find ourselves exhausted, a little snappy, and sometimes fighting off those sniffles.  Did you know that these are all signs of stress and too much sugar?  Recent articles have outlined how stress and sugar weaken our body and lead to irritability, poor sleep, and more frequent viruses.  Today let's find out some ways to enjoy all the goodness of the holiday seasons without the bad.  Caring for ourselves during these times is what allows us to be fully present and enjoy these special moments together. 

My tips to finding the joy, maintaining peace, and staying healthy during the holidays.

  • Gratitude practice:  Just do it.  
    • Verbally or physically listing 5 things we are grateful for EVERY MORNING can shift our perspective and change how we interact with others, approach challenges, and receive information.  
    • Verbally or physically listing 5 things we are grateful for BEFORE BED can ease anxieties, bring peace, and produce more restful sleep.
  • Diffuse, Diffuse, Diffuse:  Just do it.
    • Aromatherapy benefits you in so many ways.
    • Cleaner air: spending more time indoors leaves us breathing whatever is in our filters and our air.  Diffusing Citrus oils and Clove really improve the indoor air quality and help support healthy lungs and breathing.
    • Immune support:  Cinnamon, Thieves, Clove, Nutmeg, are the essence of the season!  Fortunately they are also incredible immune supporting oils, so diffusing different combinations will help keep you above the wellness line.
    • Emotional support:  Fir trees and Orange essential oils are proven to calm and ease anxieties.  Experiment adding these to some of the above oils for a personalized and well rounded blend in your home.  
  • Stretch and Align:  Physical alignment increases blood flow which supports a healthy immune system and focus as well as reduces pain.
    • Try sitting on a balance disc or yoga ball for your chair or finishing the day with a few stretches and exercises on a foam roller.  See our "smart shopper" page for links to purchase and our hub for some ideas on how to use them.  
    • This will help you stay healthy, relaxed, and comfortable so you aren't dealing with physical aches and pains in the midst of the holidays.  
  • Eat:  Eat often.  Eat smart.  A few tips can help you limit your sugars but still enjoy holiday treats and gatherings.
    • When you know you will be baking or attending an event or enjoying some time at home gathered with your pandemic pod,  make sure you limit sugars the rest of the day.  Forfeit the sugary coffee or sodas (and sub water or honey in your coffee) and other unnecessary sugars throughout the day and trade those calories for your gatherings or special treats.
    • DRINK WATER:  Water will feed your cells, reduce cravings, fill you up, and provide energy.
    • Eat GOOD FATS.  No, they won't make you gain weight. They will reduce cravings, give you longer standing energy, and support healthy digestion and metabolism and brain function.  Try nuts, avocados, hummus, olives, etc... You know I keep a healthy stash of Olive My Pickle around just for this.  
    • Keep healthier treats around.  Log in to the hub today for our 3 ingredient chocolate bite recipe and other tasty treats.  Costco makes this easy too with dark chocolate bark or covered nuts or dipped mangos. 
    • Portion control.  Have a bite or two and some water; not a handful.  Grab a few spoons or a ramekin of ice cream with a hot tea or water instead of the tub.  Have it, just have a little bit.  
  • Support your liver.  Juvaflex or Release essential oil rubbed over the liver (under the lower right rib cage) can go a long way to decongesting the liver and releasing frustrations and pent up emotions.  This will allow you to see each situation as new rather than being quick to respond on emotions we are already harboring.  (not that any of us would do that or divert emotional frustrations to the wrong person lol).

So in a nutshell.  Take care of yourself, don't deny yourself but don't indulge too much, and give yourself grace, love, and gratitude.  Doing this allows us to spread this kindness and wellness to others this holiday season. 

I get TONS of questions and consults about sleep, stress management, and how to avoid the (fill in the blank).  If you are ready to make some simple swaps in your life to stay healthy and get more out of each day reach out!

Start today with one of these suggestions for a better tomorrow!
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