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Acts of Love are often the best gifts!

While it is always fun to open up a pretty box harboring a special treat, being the recipient of an act of love can truly soften your insides.  Join me as we continue to focus on the action form of LOVE this month!

While we spend this weekend expressing our love to a partner, a friend, a mentor, and ourselves; let us stop to think about what action may express the special place they hold in our hearts! Gift giving can be an act love, not just a sign of appreciation. In fact, gift giving and receiving is a "love language".

Customized hand made gifts are very meaningful because the recipient knows that time and thought went into this custom creation. Some of my favorites for this are perfumes & colognes, pillow sprays, and body & face scrubs.  Aromatics are processed in our limbic system and stimulate many emotions.  The perfect aromatic gift can instantly bring up feelings of love, security, and joy!  By adding pure, therapeutic grade essential oils to our base recipes, you not only provide "non-toxic" aromas, but also tremendous emotional land physical benefits!  See why essential oils are better choice than all other "fragrances" or scroll our library for our favorite combinations. Our favorite essential oils and beauty products can be found here and include Beauty Serum, Sheerlume, Frankincese, Massage oils, Mister, and Shutran.  Don't have an account? Use this link, choose a premium kit or just the basic wellness kit and add on any products you want at wholesale price. Learn more here.

Actions can also be fabulous gifts.  In todays world touch is often avoided, but touch is imperative for well-being and connection.  Trust me I am not a touchy-feely gal, but I am working on it.  Hugs (at least 30second long) are proven to release endorphins and increase positive feelings and thoughts.  Connecting with those we love is important!  Have you thought about creating a custom massage oil and providing a foot, neck, or back massage? Even if you don't have the gift of massage, any rubbing or stretching along with my favorite essential oils can produce significant physical and emotional relaxation and confidence as well as help you connect.  

Other favorite expressions of love may be cooking and cleaning for someone, surprising them with a "date" (even to a park or the beach), or finally finding that special something they have been looking for.   

Pairing a purchased gift along with an act of love can provide a deeper connection and is something I work hard to do.  

This time of year I try to purchase items my loved one may not purchase for themselves such as skin care, confidence boosters, special work out gear, time savers, or spa type credits.  Float studios such as this one in Jacksonville make a great gift, allowing the recipient to give themselves a little love.  Use this code for a discount.  yq-886169.  I also love gifting time savers such as Shipt!  The gift of time is almost invaluable, so allowing your loved one a little extra freedom may be just what they need!  At $50 this is a no brainer! Use this link for half off!


Happy Gifting!

Cologne / Perfume Recipes (spray - see library for dropper recipe and oil combinations):

  • Small atomizer
  • Add 4-6 drops essential oil
  • Add 1 drop jojoba oil
  • Fill with Vodka or Witch Hazel (see library for more info) 


  • Get creative with your perfume or cologne!
  • Purchase a beautiful new or vintage bottle or atomizer.
  • Purchase a clear bottle and float floral pieces, gems, or crystals in them.
  • Personal aromas can be placed in roller balls, atomizers, or beautiful dropper bottles.




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