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Giving from the heart, a few simple ways to infuse joy this holiday season.

Growing up in the true south, the best gifts were those that took time, effort, and thought.  It was the neighbor's cookies, the homemade vanilla extract, the unique drinks and recipes that really stuck with us.  A bit part of the holiday season was gathering with family or friends and creating something unique and special for those you love.  I truly find that gathering to give is a sure fire way to "get in the holiday spirit" and fill my own soul with joy.

Now more than ever it is important that we infuse joy amongst our friends, family, and neighbors.  With extra time at home, and likely together, this is the perfect year to hone on what items you can personalize and share with others. The upside? Creating these gifts often fills my soul up to, and allows for some special moments between myself, my mom, my girls or whomever I may be gathering and gifting with.  Try it! 

Nothing says, "I am thinking of you and appreciate you", like a hand made gift. Over the years I have tried a number of different gifts, but a few of these items are consistently appreciated more than others.

Infuse gifts to infuse joy!

A few tips to maximize the "joy factor":

  • Packaging makes all the difference.
    • Special containers, ribbons, and details make the recipient feel all the more special.  This is not my strong suit, but trust me it matters.  Hobby Lobby is my favorite place, but if you catch them just right Dollar stores and Trees often have incredible containers and tags.
    • Once you decide on the sizes of your containers my favorite holiday bags often come from the Target dollar spot, TJMax, or craft stores.  Amazon also offers bags in bulk in a wide array of sizes. From burlap to sparkles you are sure to find what makes you and yours smile.
  • Set it apart
    • Making it yours or customizing the gift to them also makes the recipient feel special.  
    • Try printing or writing out a recipe to attach to the ribbon or bag.  Whether it is a family recipe or just something you think the recipient might enjoy, it will be appreciated.
  • Favorite treats:  Make it a treat, something they may not buy for themselves.
    • 3- ingredient chocolate bites, customize the topping.
    • Homemade simple syrups (with sweet treat or drink recipe)
    • Sugar scrub and body butter or calming salt soak.
    • Linen sprays, customized to the season or the person for aromatherapy on the go, or a relaxing bedtime experience.
  • Infuse them!
    • Infusing any of these products with therapeutic grade, non-gmo, vitality oils is a guaranteed way to enhance the recipients experience.  
    • Customize flavors or aroma to the recipient or have fun creating your signature holiday style.

Are you ready to make your signature gifts of joy?  You can find all of these recipes and more in our hub!  Once you are logged in click "recipes" at the top of the Library!  You will find them under "food and beverage".  I will leave you with our newest addition, simple syrups.  Happy infusing!

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- Organic, raw honey 
- Raw sugar
- Vitality essential oils

Overall you want a 2:1 sugar to water ratio.  Multiply as needed for the volume desired.
1 cups raw sugar &
1 cups honey
1 cup water to small sauce pan

Bring to a boil and stir until incorporated.
Reduce heat and let simmer until reduced (about 10minutes).
Once it is near room temperature add about 12 drops of preferred vitality oil
Pour in jar and store in refrigerator.
*If you want to get really fancy infuse your favorite berry or leaves during the "simmer" stage. Cranberries are amazing with cinnamon oils.

Simple syrups may be used as a replacement for sugar/liquids in baked goods, cocktails, and drinks! They are a great way to personalize treats served to guests.

Favorite vitality oils and uses:

  1. Peppermint:  brownies, chocolate bites, cocktails, teas
  2. Orange:  Cinnamon scones, chocolate bites, cocktails, hot teas.
  3. Cinnamon:  Cookies, breads, chocolate bites, cocktails, teas

*The essential oils help to preserve freshness for several months if stored in the refrigerator. 

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