When you set a goal, can you actually visualize yourself succeeding?


Ask yourself what it looks like when you get there.

Visualization is the first step towards your goal.  It is a tool I utilized in tennis, life, and even in my job!  Patients wake up in a similar mindset as when they drift off to sleep, not unlike us on a nightly basis.  Visualizing a happy place or a positive experience makes for a much happier emergence!


So I have three questions for you: 

  1.  What is your current fitness goal for summer?
  2. When you reach this goal how will you feel and what will you be able to do?
  3. What is your first step?

Go ahead, grab a pen and paper or your "notes" app and write them down!

BEFORE JOURNALING: My favorites essential oils to inhale or apply to temples and wrists are Believe, Magnify Your Purpose, Abundance.  If you don't have these at home you are missing out!  These oils have gotten me through many a night, many a presentation, many a day with greater courage, focus, purpose, and excitement. 

Now, how do you know what you need to do? First off, what measurement tools and gauges are you using to determine success? I actually am not a fan of scales, except in a few circumstances.  For me fitness is about how your feel, energy, muscle tone, strength.  I actually usually gain weight when I start working out so the scales are not my friend.   

My FAVORITE TOOL is good old feedback method.  Put on a snug fitting outfit and take a picture, then each week or each month repeat in the same outfit.  Note how the outfit fits differently.  Another option is to find an object you want to be able to lift or move, and make an attempt.  See how far you get each week.  Then ask yourself: (keep a journal)

1.  How am I sleeping?  

As our alignment, strength, and confidence improves many areas of our lives will as well.  Use these as a gauge on how you are doing.

2.  How is my energy level (in the morning, in the evening)?

- Remember, we focus on what we CAN do, not our CANTs, SHOULDN'Ts, etc....

3.  How many days have I moved towards my goal?

- 2 steps forward , 1 step back or 1 step forward, 2 steps back?  We are looking for net positive here, not how much we missed.  Focus on the positive, on today.

4.  What habits are holding me back?

- Be honest.  What habits can you drop or swap for better outcomes on a daily basis?  Need help with this?  Search my hub, shoot me a message, or grab a quick e-consult!

FINALLY, is there someone I can bring along with me for accountability, for fun, for encouragement? 

Believe in the COMPOUND EFFECT that good small daily decisions have a TREMENDOUS impact over time.

YOU HAVE MY WORD: 60 days of following our protocols WILL have lasting effects on your well-being and longevity! #itmatters #healthychoices #wellnesshub



  • Read the Compound Effect, see link above for a little extra motivation and maybe a light bulb moment or two.
  • Start today! Just try it one day.  Don't like this months exercises?  Scroll back and choose another.
  • Follow our videos on our YouTube Channel or IGTV for meals, fitness tips, recipes, and motivation!
  • Having trouble breaking through? Grab a consult with me.  E-consults are $40.  Phone consults (30min + follow up) are $100. On-going coaching TDT based on needs.  See our intake forms on the hub!
  • Pick one dietary habit to change as well.
    • Sugars <50g/day
    • Intermittant fasting with our SpoiledLife coffee for breakfast and no lunch.
    • Commit to drinking 1/2 ounce of water for every pound of body weight (drink60 ounces if 120 pounds) for increased metabolism, energy, and feeling of satiety.
    • Try adding Slique oil or Grapefruit vitality oil or Spearmint vitality oil to your water for increased metabolism and energy.




  • Our favorite tools to help us get or stay fit in all stages of life.
  • Endurance protocols
  • How to bring a friend along
  • Favorite ways to support sore muscles and minor injuries for quick recovery!
  • My ALL NEW Smart Shopper page! I take the guess work and research out of it and make it easy for you to make healthy choices (for your pocket book and your home and body).
  • In the meantime, hurting or sore? Grab the Nature's Ultra specialty kit here for a simple way to recover quickly  Add on Aminowise for full muscle and body support and the deep relief roll on , on the go.





Our protocols are designed to help you create healthy habits (such as sleep), address acute needs safely, simply, and affordably at home, and have more consistent wellness. So don't miss out.

Start today with one of these suggestions for a better tomorrow!
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