Do you choose handmade? 

I have always been a handy soul, but I am too practical for the cute Pinterests projects.  DIY in my house is limited to construction usually.  However, when I was pregnant with my second and discovered the truly toxic items all over my house I knew there had to be a better way, so my journey began.  Over the years I have found a few companies that I trust to provide non-toxic items for my home, personal care, and kiddos.  Ordering a monthly box makes life easy and affordable; BUT there are still a few things I really love making myself! 


Why I choose handmade: 

  1. Easy.  I keep about 5 products on hand at all times (honestly they last forever).  At any given time I can reach in my cabinet and make just about anything in 1-3minutes.  For me that is SOOOO much easier than heading out to the store because..... kids, traffic, people, lol.
  2. Affordable!  I save so much money for my family to spend elsewhere by quickly creating these items at home.
  3. Customizable.  With each new batch I have the opportunity to customize it to my family's needs or desires.  I can change my soap up all the time or concentrate my cleaners for "special occassions".  Our Epsom salts soaks are just what our bodies need each and every time!
  4. Fun.  It is actually good family fun and sometimes even a math or science lesson with each creation!  


My favorite hand made products: 

*Each of these recipes can be found in our library on the hub and each product takes 3 minutes or less to make and we usually nearly daily. 

  1. Hand Soap:  I still LOVE making hand soap.  We change up the aroma for the season. Plus I know it is non-toxic, yet has a high efficacy for keeping us well!
  2. Sugar scrub:  This is a great all over body scrub but I notice a particular difference when I use it on my face regularly.  Again, I can customize for the season and for gifts, as well as for our bodies' needs.
  3. Epsom salt soaks:  Epsom salts has many benefits.  See our post or video for all the details! I can create custom blends to support everything from muscle aches and stress to fever support and immunity.
  4. Lotion:  Call me crazy, but this is easy, my skin has never been softer, and for once in my life I don't have to reapply all the time (because it actually absorbs and nourishes my skin).  Stay tune for our upcoming series on all things SKIN.   


Hand Made Pro tips:

Just give it a go!  Don't be afraid to try making these on your own!  It never hurts to try!  Rather you are an all or nothing or one step at a time.  Just try it when you run out of soap this time!  Our "getting started" shopping list is downloadable from the Library. 

Make it fun and cute.  Trust me, I am no Pinterest gal myself.  You can even go to Etsy or Amazon and just order pretty labels. Or if you are one of those crafty people start using that circuit and label maker! 

Containers are part of the fun. Find pretty containers that make you happy at Amazon, Hobby Lobby, Container store, or even Target! 


Don't miss all of our videos we are releasing this week showing just how easy it is!  We are demonstrating 3 products, each under 5 min videos! 

*Don't miss our video series (IGTV & YouTube) this week and listed in our "protocols" in the library!




If you are not already getting these items at wholesale, click my link in favorite swaps! Whether you snag the best deal in the premium kit or you jump on board with the basic and get just what YOU need both give you wholesale pricing on my favorite wellness products.  *No requirement to buy or sell ever. Just great products at great prices!