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Home bound officially, what now?

This pandemic has rattled the entire world and is impacting each and every one of us in different ways. We have a CHOICE.  We can choose whether we take advantage of this and come out stronger, more rested, more mindful, with better habits or if we ruminate over the negatives and allow stress and fear to guide our decisions.


When I chose Connect as my word of intention I had no idea the opportunities and challenges ahead.  

Connecting from home, through social distancing, and from afar is challenging  to say the least, BUT I am finding the rewards are far greater and it is more important than ever to connect.  

Use this time to connect and reset.  Below are some favorite ways and a few questions to get you started.  Read on for a few tips on how to support your body during this time away from the gym and potentially less active period of life.  


  1.  SPOUSE:  Just TALK and make some time to ask each other questions.  What is your greatest fear right now?  What is your greatest hope?  What is your biggest dream?  If money was no object where would you be right now? What is one way I can be more supportive of you?  BONUS:  find some ways to have a little fun while you have this extra time.  hint hint.   You will find us shooting bow and arrow, paddling, and having dance parties.
  2. Kiddos:  Crawl in a tent with them and discover their world.  Ask them a few questions too!  What is your most favorite thing about our home?  Is there anything that scares you? Do you sleep well at night, have dreams?  What is one thing you would like to do at home?
  3. Friends:  Give them a call.  Apps like Marco Polo and Face Time make it easier to connect in times like this and fun too! You can share in silly moves, new products or clothes, even get an opinion on something. Haven't chatted with a friend in a while?  I someone on your mind?  I always say a prayer and reach out when God lays people on my heart.
  4. Family:  Same goes for them.  Give a call and ask them what they have been doing or how they are feeling.  You never know what you may find out and where the conversation will lead.  
  5. Others:  Don't forget about the elderly, the sick that may be isolated.  Consider writing cards or sending care packages to Ronald McDonald house, hospitals, and nursing homes.  If you have a special talent see if you can live stream it and share some joy.  
  6. Yourself:
    1. This is a great time to connect with yourself mentally, emotionally, physically.  YOGA, Pilates, Bar, and our exercises of the month can all be done from home. 
    2. Take time to read, meditate, or participate in a hobby you haven't had time for (music, gardening, dancing, outdoors activities)
    3. Start journaling or writing.  It is amazing the self discovery that can take place.  Ask yourself:  What is my greatest dream that I dare not dream? Where do I want to see myself next year with my health, finances, home?  What do I want out of my job or income? What would I be doing if I could do anything in the world without financial concern?  What talent, skill, gift do I have to offer others?  
    4. Take a personality test.  I love the Jacob Adamo color test as well as Eannagream.  It is amazing what you can learn about yourself land the ways you may respond to things if you are healthy or unhealthy.  
    5. Physically - finally get that foam roller, exercise balls, tension bands and balance disk.  Just realigning every day and rolling out those trigger points can improve sleep, reduce stress, and boost your immune system.  You can find our preferred products on our new SMART SHOPPER page!  We are always building this so check back often!
      1. Roll out trigger points. These are tender and this process can hurt but if you can lay on a foam roller in a stretched position and rock back and forth or slowly push to the tender point and hold until you feel release.  Check out this page for some tips.
      2. The balance disc comes with exercises or just use it to sit at your desk, bar stools, or chair for better posture and circulation.  
      3. Do a minimum 15min of exercise daily at home or in the back yard!

Staying focused on what we CAN do to spread joy or hope and reduce spread of illness is what will get us through this crises and come out stronger on the other side.  Trust me... I have been through a few crises unfortunately.  

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Our bodies will have a successful immune response when exposed if we create the right environment and give it the right tools!


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Start today with one of these suggestions for a better tomorrow!
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