Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice..What does your home smell like?

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It's fall ya'll! Which means comfort food, comfortable clothes, and comforting scents in our homes! 

spOILer Alert: These "Fragrances" disrupting our fertility, energy, and nervous system? 


What?!!!!  I know.  We all want to set a mood, make our house "smell clean", and  take us back to a happy place. So how do I create that "amazing smell" in my home without the toxins?!  Join me! 

Aside from food changes, ridding our home of chemicals greatly improved the health of all 4 of us! I am talking no more migraines, eczema, allergies, anxiety, and more. The information herein is intended to educate you, not scare you, so that you can make healthy & informed decisions for you and your family. That being said, I was dumbfounded and scared, when I began my research nearly 5 years ago.    

I realize everyone that LOVES their scented candles, plugins, wax melts, room sprays, and perfumes; which means this may be an unpopular post. So understand my willingness to put this out there is for your benefit, not mine.    

If you just happen to have these and don't really care then just collect them all and throw them away - trust me. If you do have them and love them read on.
*From what I can tell you can keep the melting device from the scentsy and make your own wax melts (see my recipes in my library for instructions). Just throw away any wax melts you have! 



Paraffin wax is the primary component of commercial candles and scentsy products. It is a petroleum product and produces particulates when burn that are similar to diesel fuel. It is the left over product from gasoline!!!!! Now imagine yourself cooking in the kitchen, soaking in the bath, or having a special dinner while inhaling diesel fuel.
In addition paraffin creates a "dirty burn" meaning that it creates soot. So that candle you lit in the bathroom an hour ago has been sending soot straight to your ventilation system.
Again, I say this not to scare you, but I have friends that have had their duct work replaced or cleaned due to being coated in soot. If it is coating your duct work it is also reaching your airways and lungs. In this case your lungs are the filtration system prior to these toxins entering your blood stream.
The chemicals that are released from the burn are polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that have been deemed toxic air contaminants. These are known endocrine disruptors and carcinogens. 


This is a huge warning. It can encompass so many chemicals (thousands) that are proven carcinogens, fertility disruptors, and endocrine disruptors.  These are proven to mess with fertility, cause migraines, increase cancer risk, and more. 


"Made from paraffin with the most fragrance the wax can hold."
Scentsy will not disclose what their fragrances are composed of, but they do not even claim them to be "natural". They are synthetic chemicals that are aerosolized for you to then inhale.


The same applies to most candles.  Here is the deal.  I have friends that have replaced their duct work from burning scented candles regularly.  It is covered with black petroleum soot.  Think about what your lungs look like.  Your body has to filter that or store that somewhere, somehow. 


Buy a kit with a diffuser (or 2 or 3)! The diffusers are ready to go on arrival and you have a variety of oils to suit your mood or needs!  I have a diffuser in every room (literally).   


Why are they superior? When utilized with THERAPEUTIC GRADE essential oils they cleanse the air and surfaces, create the aroma desired, cause positive effects on mood, focus, sleep, and more. (ALL WITHOUT THE TOXIC LOAD)


My favorite diffuser featured in the premium starter kit by Young Living is built to last a life time, has many light settings to help create the mood, and can diffuse up to 10 hours!! (i.e. I can sleep all night and wake up happy)
*You can also purchase USB, car, and small room diffusers to meet your needs wherever you are at!


2. Make your own candles and melts!
I must confess that I enjoy candles, but they are not a huge part of my environment. So when I decided to experiment with candle making that is all it was for me. What I found is that the candles are amazing and I LOVE having candles in my home now (and wax melts). They are so easy to make. It is the perfect activity to do with friends or family members over some refreshments because it is primarily melting, pouring, and waiting, so you have a lot of time to enjoy each other. I also love that you not only can pick from a huge variety of "scents" but also therapeutic benefits!
Myself and some dear friends spent hours researching and experimenting to bring you the recipe and guidelines in the files so take advantage! Enjoy! 




Types of pollutants in candles:


Endocrine disruption: (EPA)
What is Endocrine Disruption? | Endocrine Disruption | US EPA




Pro Tip:

Easy button:  Toss all room sprays, plug ins, scented candles NOW.  In two weeks you will notice a difference in how you breath and feel (it takes a while to process the toxins out and reduce inflammation)

Add a Young Living Premium starter kit to your home to help expedite your "feel better feeling" and create that aroma you desire!  

Questions?  Reach out today!  I would love to help you customize your home's aroma and show you how to support your needs!