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When a pandemic has been declared do we continue daily activities such as work outs?

This month is dedicated to living and advancing our active lifestyles.  We are talking about tools, body support, and motivation.  BUT a little virus has made itself prevalent so lets discuss how this impacts our progress.

Let's start with the where and then go to the if and what?  

Gyms are petri dishes.  Each client is relying on the previous client to properly wipe down their space from any sweat, cough, sneeze that found its way to your equipment and pads.  

Fear does not guide my decisions, common sense and research do.  So let me share a few facts and tips for you to make the best decision for you and your family.


  1.  COV-ID is a novel form of Coronovirus.  
  2. All Coronavirus strains are respiratory viruses. The common cold is a type of Coronovirus.
  3. This strain does have a 2-4% mortality rate as opposed to the flu at 2%.
  4. Those at risk are anyone with pre-existing respiratory issues (asthmatics, smokers & vapers, those with COPD & bronchitis, obesity, neonates, elderly, and immunocompromised persons).  These friends and family should stay home as much as possible, utilize my tips, and be strict on the wellness protocol.  For additional support Raven & Ravinsara & Breathe Again essential oils are very handy to have nearby.  Use early and use often along with the rest of the protocol.  
  5. It appears children have a certain level of natural immunity to the virus (presumptively from exposures to so many coronavirus strains). This doesn't mean they won't carry it or become ill, but so far healthy children are not experiencing severe symptoms. 
  6. We think the incubation period is up to 14 days and once symptoms appear can last 2-3 weeks.  
  7. We contract it by being within up to 6 feet (varies with air density) of an infected person or touching surfaces they coughed or sneezed on and then touching our face.
  8. It is HIGHLY contagious, meaning it stays in the air and on surfaces long enough to spread from 1 host to many.
  9. If contracted most of us will just experience a severe cold and possible lower respiratory irritability, poor sleep, and aches and pains.  YOU SHOULD STAY INSIDE if you have a fever and cough.  Do not put others at risk.

So what is my recommendation?

  3. Keep a good sanitizing spray and gel with you.  I have a recipe to make your own in case stocks are out, but even those supplies are hard to find right now.   So for now I am still recommending the Petri dish proven Thieves Line.  Snag yours today for a bonus sanitizer and free hub access. The premium kit is in stock and there is no better time than now to stock up.  The Premium oil kit with diffuser also comes with Thieves and is another excellent alternative.  Paired with my recipes this can support all family members and situations.
  4. Work out from home.
  5. DO NOT WORK OUT if you are fatigued, feeling like your are "fighting something", or have family members exposed.  Working out when healthy improves circulation and strength and to some extent immunity; BUT it also depletes oxygen and energy stores your body needs when fighting an illness.  
  6. Watch my IGTV or YouTube videos on the flu and fevers.
  7. Log in AND READ THE WELLNESS PROTOCOL in the Library

Our bodies will have a successful immune response when exposed if we create the right environment and give it the right tools!


YOU HAVE MY WORD: when you initiate the protocols in your life your WILL SEE THE DIFFERENCE!  At $1/day it is the best money you can spend on your health and. home. 60 days of following our protocols WILL have lasting effects on your well-being and longevity! #itmatters #healthychoices #wellnesshub




SHARE SHARE SHARE.... Educate your friends and family to slow the spread of the virus.   

Tag them in my media posts, forward this email, share the website...  JUST SHARE.



Our protocols are designed to help you create healthy habits (such as sleep), address acute needs safely, simply, and affordably at home, and have more consistent wellness. So don't miss out.

Start today with one of these suggestions for a better tomorrow!
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