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This week?  Reduce sugar during sugar season. Don't roll your eyes (or hate me) yet!  Keep reading to discover what to eat to reduce those cravings, and thereby reduce the amount of sugar you consume. Why? Stabilize your moods and increase joy, productivity, and rest! As a bonus, recipe for my favorite holiday treat and hostess gift is below.


 Habit of the Week: Eat a good fat each day

 OK we talked about all that sugar, but what DO we consume?  

  • Remember those healthy fats we talked about? Those help reduce sugar cravings so don’t forget to load up! (olives, avocados, nuts, healthy oils)

  • Do consume water (lots of it - 1/2 ounce per pound of body weight min.)

  • Do get your antioxidants (think fruits and veggies)!

  • Keep small bitesized treats like dark chocolates and chocolate covered nuts and fruit based popsicles around.

  • That ole saying of “the more colors the better”. A plate or smoothie full of different colored fruits and veggies will provide all of the antioxidants you need.


Check out the recipe below for a fun and easy treat to make with the kids and keep handy in the fridge or freezer. 


  • handful of nuts

  • add coconut oil to coffee

  • drizzle organic olive oil over your salad or veggies

  • a cup of nut milk or a nut milk latte with coconut oil

  • avocado

  • handful of olives (even better if fermented like Olive my Pickle for pre & probiotics too)

So go for it, reduce your sugar during sugar season!

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