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We have talked about masks, about sanitizing, about distancing, but...


Why have we not talked about reducing our risks?  Take a deep breath and think about this with me. We demand healthy, asymptomatic people to wear a mask to keep some other people from getting sick.  (By the way, the WHO states that there are no documented cases of an asymptomatic person transferring COVID19). So think about that for a second.  We are forcing a large group of people to alter their lives based off no evidence, just fear of them POSSIBLY infecting someone at risk.  As a society if we want to take these extreme precautions that is fine.  However, we should also talk about individuals at risks reducing their controllable factors.  COVID-19 is not going anywhere, and we still have many other viruses to face as well.

Each and every one of us should be more worried about arming our bodies to fight these invaders than about what our neighbor is doing. The more of us that create a healthy environment in our body, the more quickly our society can return to business, to fun, to hugs and to hand shakes.

Let me be clear, I understand there is a small percentage that cannot control their immunocompromised states.  They already have to take so many precautions and if any of my family or close friends fell into this category I would take EVERY precaution and probably not risk seeing them.  What I am referring to is all of the chronic, inflammatory disease states that put us at high risk of severe complications or death from this (or any) virus .

"Why can we not talk about providing education, resources, and encouragement to change to healthier habits?"

Poorly controlled high blood pressure, diabetes, lung diseases, morbid obesity all greatly increase risks for severe complications.  These are preventable and treatable inflammatory states.  Changes in small, daily decisions such as what we eat or drink, or whether or not we take the stairs, can have a dramatic impact on reducing our risks.  I am not talking diets, but rather habit changes.  Rather than monster drinks or sodas try an antioxidant tea or drink.  Increase your water intake to help your body eliminate toxins.  Create better sleep habits.  Take the stairs or park further away. So many habits are free, and require very little time; but have dramatic impact.  Most of what I teach is doable by everyone.  Every single habit swap makes a difference and better prepares your body to do it's job of protecting itself.  

Rather than shaming others, or spreading fear and anger, let's empower ourselves and others to do better and be better!  This is how we save ourselves, our community, our society.  This is how we thrive. One step, one good habit at a time.  Let's normalize talking about healthy choices and how to do better.  Share on your media your new healthy habits or choices, and tag me @spoiledlife4u!

This is the purpose of our wellness hub, to arm you with the information and tools you need to make healthier decisions on the day to day, and reduce your risks factors for all things that pose threats.  Grab your passport today and search for the one habit you are going to swap out TODAY.  

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Where will you start?

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NEXT WEEK:  FEAR.  Are you navigating life motivated by fear or are you empowered to thrive?

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Amber N Osborne, CRNA, APRN, MSN


A promise from me:

Our bodies will have a successful immune response when exposed if we create the right environment and give it the right tools!

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