Pain: from sitting, from exercising, from isolating

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Whether physical or emotional, it is likely many of us are experiencing new aches and pains.  

Whether we are sitting, working out, or stressing more, pain is likely a part of your life right now.


Pain is our body's response to something that is hurting us; which makes us aware of the pain and encourages us to withdraw. When pain is chronic we have repeated stimuli and our brain learns that pathway. It is important to retrain that pathway as we address the pain!

Try these tips to reduce your pains: 

  1.  Sitting.  Sitting is one of the worst things we can do for our body.  Our bodies are designed for pressure to rest in certain angles on the spine, supported by small muscle and tendon groups.  Sitting changes these angles and pressures.
    1. Sit on a balance disc or exercise ball.
    2. Stand and walk every 45 minutes.
    3. After sitting extended periods lay on the Denner Roll
  2. Exercise: New or more intense exercise.  Hopefully some of you are taking the opportunity to develop some healthy routines, including at home work outs.  (Don't miss our exercise of the month, and combine them for a full home work out). This can certainly cause aches and pains.
    1. Epsom salt soak (no fragrance).  Drop 2-4 drops of Peace and Calming & Panaway, run hot water, and soak for 15-20minutes.
    2. Choose a natural Pain rub that gets its source from Wintergreen plants.  My favorites are the Cool Azul pain rub or the Deep Relief roll on.  Use consistently for best results.  For ongoing support try Agilease by Young Living or a natural Tumeric supplements.
    3. Stretch it out and realign on a foam roller.
  3. Isolation: Being isolated comes with a high risk for loneliness, rumination, and mental/emotional pain.
    • Stay connected with apps like Face Time, Marco Polo, and good old phone calls.
    • Hug and touch those you live with.
    • Start or continue your Gratitude practice and Abundance practice (search the library for guidance on these). This will be life changing right now and allow you to see opportunity rather than negativity.
    • Create a routine for yourself.  Here is what we are trying: Morning wellness tea followed by coffee for the adults.     Outside "exercise of the month" when possible.   Have some quiet reading time each day.
    • Diffuse diffuse diffuse.  My favorites right now?  Joy mixed with Orange, Believe, Northern lights spruce, Acceptance, Abundance, Jade Lemon and other citrus.

While we have plenty to fear, allowing fear to overcome us will not help us overcome the situation.  Trust me... I have been there done this a number of different times in different ways.  It wasn't fear that got us through.  It was faith, perseverance, self care, and focus.

By the way,  pain is my specialty as a CRNA, former fibromyalgia person,  and a wife to a someone who lives with chronic pain. If you need a plan to be freed from your pain please reach out.  Free e-consult for my hub members and Young Living members receive a free live consult.


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