Rest & Digest – Sleep tight or sleep light?

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How many of us have a hard time shutting off the brain? Or wake up or toss around all night?

We wake up feeling tired and ready to roll over and try and sleep some more. Did you know that all stages of sleep are imperative for digesting and repairing?

Again, our bodies are incredible! We rest 1/3 of our day. Why? So our tissues and organs can repair & regenerate. A big part of that is also digestion and nutrient intake! This is why many supplements should be taken before bed to support repair!

So how do we give our bodies that opportunity to heal and refresh?

Top 5 healthy choices for restful sleep

1. Decrease exposure to electronics (blue light) 1 hour before bedtime

Try a book, magazine, or your favorite game instead (backgammon is mine)

2. Light stretching or alignment exercise.

Can improve circulation and enhance feelings of relaxation due to hormones that are released. (Don’t exercise within a couple of hours of bed. It releases endorphins and hormones that will keep you up)

3. Pillow spray & diffusers

One of my favorites for gifts and for my bedside and travels. A combination of Cedarwood and Lavender EOs relax the nervous system and support your circadian rhythm and natural melatonin release! A little stretching after spraying would only increase its effects!

My happiest sleep occurs when I diffuse 4 drops Lavender EO with 2 drops Believe EO

4. Relax

Epsom salt soaks are amazing for feet, hands, or bodies. Just 15minutes can provide a number of therapeutic benefits from supporting your immune system, detoxing from the added sugars, relaxing from the stress, or just helping those muscles feel better. A number of different essential oils with pure Epsom salts and a touch of baking soda will truly bless your whole body! (See recipes)

5. Other healthy habits

Get in a routine. Sleeping and waking at similar times every night has been shown to improve quality of sleep and decrease stress.

Sleep in your bed, not on the couch; and don’t hang out in bed when not asleep!

Try starting 5 things you are thankful for or completing a short meditation 5-15 min.

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