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Love is in the air...

February welcomes in the time to share love!

Valentines Day, and the month of February, is a time to focus on the meaning of love.  Agape love is the verb form of the word.  It is actionable, and is my favorite way to approach February.

My husband is a blessing, and we have worked hard to grow our love in good times and bad.  We celebrate our love throughout the year, not just a day of the year.  (Plus he tends to be playing for others on Valentines)

So for me I have learned to focus on the word love and its many forms and meaning. My favorite is the verb form, Agape.

How does this impact my life?  This is a wonderful time of year to take a breath and choose actions that support your own mind, body, and spirit.  It is amazing how adding a simple habit of self care can improve your ability to love others better. (Much like grabbing your oxygen mask before trying to assist someone else).  Empowering myself with daily exercises, a glowing skin scrub or mask, and nice salt soak or massage fills my bucket back up allowing me to do more for others with joy.  An attitude of abundance is one of the most powerful things you can create for yourself.

Self-love, self-care, personal time, etc...

These are all phrases that can look vastly different for each of us. It starts with your state of mind.  Gratitude practices are powerful and I hope by now it is part of your daily routine, but a mindset of abundance is also powerful.  I urge you to spend 2 minutes every morning speaking 3 positive things about yourself and your life.

I will start with an example:

1.  I am a perfectly imperfect mom for my little girls.  By being present and listening I am able to hug, encourage, challenge, or correct as each ones requires.

2.  I am overwhelming blessed with a beautiful place to sit and watch butterflies while I work or play.

3.  I am very blessed with a safe place for our family to live.

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  • Join our monthly exercises
  • Practice Abundance in the morning
  • Take 5 minutes to treat your skin, read, or relax before bed.


- 5 minutes in the morning speaking gratitude and abundance WILL change your day, each day and then your year.

Our protocols are designed to help you create healthy habits (such as sleep), address acute needs safely, simply, and affordably at home, and have more consistent wellness. So don't miss out.

Start today with one of these suggestions for a better tomorrow!
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