A Few of My Favorite Things


It is the busiest shopping weekend of the year from Black Friday, to Small business Saturday, and finally Cyber Monday! whew!  


I am tired just thinking about it.  But I want to think about it.  I want my money to go towards quality, thoughtful gifts (whether to myself or a loved one) that support ethical business practices and entrepreneurship!


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  Centered around quality family time, good food, stories, and gratitude I find my heart full of joy (without the stress and distraction of Christmas).   


We focus on people and experiences rather than things.  As you can imagine I am not a big Black Friday fan.  To me it is hard for me to transition from an attitude of gratitude to one of needs and wants and desires.  I usually stayed curled up inside over coffee with games and football. And yes, Small Business Saturday follows.


That being said, we are all still going to shop, and  I know we all want to be smart with our money so I have compiled my list of favorites that offer specials throughout the year, but especially during the holiday season.  Whether to allow your natural beauty and joy to shine or to fill someone else bucket these are items are a great place to start!  


As you can imagine all of these companies align with my ethics, support local or women workers, and can be trusted to be safe and healthy for you or your loved ones.  These products are sustainably made, conscious of environmental impacts, and strive to better our world and the opportunities for their employees or distributors.  These are all companies I have used and vetted (most of them for years).




Some of these companies I have a referral code for or am a distributor for (young living) and some I have no relation to at all.  I just love them enough to share with you. Shopping with my links (in a referral situation #1-3) allows me more freedom to try new products, create fresh content, and participate in more research.  If you choose to shop with me, Thank you! If you open your YL account or spend $100 through any of those links I will happily gift you FREE access to my library hub as a sincere thank you! If you have a friend who represents any of the companies below by all means, shoot them a message for their link!  Support your friends.  NONE of these companies require a monthly or on-going purchase OR sales of any sort.




  1. Young Living:  They host an awesome Black Friday event.  Participate by adding a “Basic” wellness kit to your bag for $35 (this is packed full of my favorite wellness and stress management tools)!  It makes a great travel kit too with safe hand sanitizer, Stress Away essential oil blend that will take you to the tropics, 2 antioxidant drink packs, and more.
  2. Beauty Counter:  I have fallen in love with their hair care and travel packs.  You all know I use Young Living for my over all swaps, but hair care has been a challenge for years with my wheat sensitivity and thin, fine hair.  So to be transparent, I love it and it is more affordable than my salon products. Enjoy 15% for Black Friday.   https://www.beautycounter.com/leahcopham/pop-ups/H6rnryJHQxCLtW0lWZuI 
  3. Sseko: Fine leather goods, shoes, and jewelry.  I have been wearing their sandals and flops and carrying their bags for years now, and can honestly say they only get better with age.  They are made to last a lifetime and are timeless in design.  Anyone receiving their products will have a special gift to remember you by. Enjoy up to 30% off sandals and select bags and jewelry!  https://ssekodesigns.com/AmberOsborne
  4. Yoga Trapeze by UpCircle.  There are a ton of different styles out there.  I like this one for the ease as a beginner but ability to advance with it.  It is comfortable and easily adjusts to different heights and body types.    


  5. Rare Form:  This company takes vinyl billboards and upcycles them into amazing bags and covers.  My favorites are their bath bag and laptop case! Each product is unique as it comes from a different sign or portion of a sign, so no one will have one quite like yours! They have a variety of designs and products on “sale”
  6. Osmo:  Play Osmo is the best educational games I have found for the tablet.  Your kids can solve puzzles, become a detective, travel the world, or open their own pizza shop.  They learn valuable lessons and have a blast doing it.  They have a 30% off Black Friday sale!  Great opportunity for Christmas gifts. www.playosmo.com
  7. Olive My Pickle:  get 10% off your first box of fermented goodies by using code Spoiled10.  My favorites?  Spicy Cucumber Kimchi, ALL flavors of pickles, pickled okra, and their garden or ginger kraut.  We keep all of these handy for charcuterie trays (easy meals), appetizers, and spontaneous guests.  Oh, and their spicy olives are AMAZING with some goat cheese on a salad.  You don’t even need dressing if you sprinkle a little juice over the greens.
  8. Costco does have a Black Friday / holiday sale.  I snag these on line and usually grab items I need for the holiday or items I need to replace.  This year I am being boring and replacing my hair tools (straightener, blow dryer) as well as snagging some string lights for the patio. (And maybe a washer and dryer unfortunately).




Curious what I buy for a particular product?  Send me a message or post to one of my media outlets! I love to share when I find an excellent product.  Happy Shopping!  Stay tuned for updates as I am considering my options for an Amazon store so that I can consolidate most of my favorites for your convenience.  



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