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While we don't speak diagnosis and cures around here...


CANCER.  It is a scary diagnosis that 1 in 3 will likely receive in their lifetime!  Did you read that 1 in 3!  Pink washing aside, what is the real deal? What can we really do to reduce our own risks?

So let's review a few facts about cancer in general, and then breast cancer.

Did you know?

  • Cancer cells are a mutation of cells.  It isn't a scary disease we contract.
  • Less than 5% are genetic, and even those risks can often be mitigated.
  • Mutations can occur due to injury or any type of disruption.
  • Injury disruption can be caused by:
    • Direct trauma (surgery, physical injury)
    • Toxins (Pesticides, fragrances (1000s of chemicals), make-up, personal care, medicines, household cleaners, sanitizers, etc...) can be any synthetic absorbed or consumed that enter our sales. 
    • Nutrition (you have to give the cells what they need to function properly to avoid malfunction)
    • Illness (can cause cellular injury and death)
    • ? Any number of unknown insults
  • Cancer cells feed differently than healthy cels.  (as do viruses and bacteria) Check out the fascinating articles below.  Dump the sugar, and eat whole foods.  Fruits, veggies, lean /quality meats.  Use honey and agave to sweeten.  Drink water water water.
  • All cells need water to communicate and function properly.  Drinking more water actually helps eliminate wastes, reduce lactic acid, increase pH, and support organ function (including focus and energy).Plus it reduces cravings and supports healthy liver and kidney function.  Add a drop of your favorite vitality or therapeutic vitality oil for additional support and flavor.  
  • PS... they just started long term studies within the last couple of years.  What do I mean by that? Well, "safe exposure levels" were determined by singular or minimally repeated exposures, not daily exposure to said chemical.  For instance, we know that SLS is a carcinogen.  It's safe levels for use in soaps, detergents, and shampoos is based off cellular damage on a single exposure, not daily exposure over years.  YIKES!

So what does this mean to you?  It means each step you take to reduce these risk factors is a step TOWARDS not being a statistic.  It means it is a step TOWARDS living a healthy and abundant life.  It is a step TOWARDS being your best self.  It is a step TOWARDS being able to contribute to your family and community.  Investing in yourself isn't selfish.  It is an investment in your family, your future, and your community.  

Trust me, I know.  Remember, my journey and passion was sparked from a sordid history.  Read my full story here.  To be 43 and free from surgery, significant autoimmune disturbances, GI issues, and pain is a HUGE win in my family and for me.  Good skin, energy, and joy are the icing on the cake!

So what now?  You guessed it, pick a place and get started.  Check out our wellness boxes for your category if you want the easy button.  Our wellness protocol found in the library is already set up to do this for you.  It contains all the components to reduce your risks of Cancer and many other diseases.

  • REPLACE your biggest exposures.
    • If you light a scented candle every day, switch to diffusers. (You should probably check your duct work too, and then think about what your lungs look like).  Not only do you get the aroma but therapeutic benefits too.
    • If you love making yourself beautiful, switch to a healthier make-up like Savvy. (Just that can reduce your exposure by 5pounds/year)!
    • If a clean house/office (maybe a lot of bleach) is your thing, switch out to Thieves household cleaner and healthier soaps.  PS. Did you know a diffuser with therapeutic grade oils will actually help clean your air and surfaces?  Easy button.  Citrus oils, Purification, and Thieves are just a few great oils for this. 
    • Do you love your fragrant lotions and bath products? Try a more natural version, DIY or Young Living.
  • Dump the Sugar.
    • print our pantry swap list in the library and start swapping on your next order or trip.
  • Start reading labels.  This was really the spark for my fire.  I was shocked at the ingredients, instructions, and warning.  See if you are using your products within guidelines. 


What to expect when you apply these habits:  A LOT OF BENEFITS.  Some will be seen quickly, others are benefits that help reduce long term risks.  Most of these are long term gains, not something you see in the short run.  Remember that!

  • Less incidence of illness
  • Quicker recover from illness
  • Less pain
  • Better sleep
  • Improved complexion 
  • Improved energy
  • Less irritability

Why?  Because your organs are happy!  They are being fed what they need, not exposed to what damages them and makes their job hard.  This makes EVERYTHING work better.  When your body is free to do it's job you are free to live your life!

NEXT WEEK: WE ENTER the holiday season.  We will be focusing on gratitude, joy, and all those treats and fragrances that bring up those emotions.   

Follow along over the next few weeks as we share how to navigate this season with a heart full of joy and a healthy body and mind! Don't worry we are going to tie it all into breast cancer awareness and our two cents too.  


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This is the purpose of our wellness hub, to arm you with the information and tools you need to make healthier decisions on the day to day, and reduce your risks factors for all things that pose threats.  Grab your passporttoday and search for the one habit you are going to swap out TODAY.  

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Where will you start?


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In love and health,



Amber N Osborne, CRNA, APRN, MSN


A promise from me:

Our bodies will have a successful immune response when exposed if we create the right environment and give it the right tools!

PS...Our protocols are designed to help you create healthy habits (such as sleep), address acute needs safely, simply, and affordably at home, and have more consistent wellness. So don't miss out. Start today with one of these suggestions for a better tomorrow!
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