Exercise of the month: squats

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Exercise of the month…

designed to be completed daily for core strengthening, confidence, & circulation.

I have never been a good "New Years resolution" gal.  Not that I don't believe in it.  We all have goals and if you love them go for them.  For me I like to reflect on the past year and plan for the new year. I want to be a better me by the end of the year.  

I designed "Exercise of the Month" to do just that for us.  No matter what end of the spectrum you are on.  If you are over weight or a cross fit guru these exercises are for you.  They can be completed at home, at work, on the streets, or in a hotel room. 

Their purpose? 

Build core strength, improve posture, increase circulation, build confidence, increase balance,  and cause many health benefits.  

Join me and by the end of 2020 you will be shocked at the health benefits received for just 5 minutes a day.  Want to take it further?

Each month complete the previous months exercises in addition.  By December 2020 you will have  12 exercises that will address all major and many minor muscle groups.  Completed together will give you an entire work out to keep you strong, toned, balanced, confident, and focused.

Completing these exercises might also lead to improved focus, less illness, less pain, easier weight management, and fun!  Grab a friend or two at work or the park or the gym to join you. Tag me @spoiledlife4u in your photos and #exerciseofthemonth so I can high five you.   

January is Squats:  See below for tips and follow our social media for examples.  We are having tons of fun connecting with others on this.  From my kids to dance moms to fellow nurses we have "squeezed in" our squats in all sorts of places. It literally can take 1 minute!

Pro Tip:

  • Sets of 10 and add as able.  
  • 90 degrees (half squats only) for the sake of your knees and back.
  • SLOW.  Take a plyometrics approach and slide down and up slowly.  Hold the sit position and when you rise squeeze the buttocks for 5 seconds.
  • Newbies:  Start slow. Try them against a wall and only slide down as much as you can push up without assist.  With each set try and get a little closer to 90 degrees.  Then begin to add more sets.
  • Seasoned squatters:  Add weights on the shoulders, add more sets, or move more slowly and hold the sit and the gluteus Maximus positions.  

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