Swimsuits or PJs?

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Does this seem like we are stuck in ground hog day to anyone else?  


With Brian and I both out of work you would think we are loving life, but the extended time home has proven challenging. Each day is a new day, but full of what?  We are trying to occupy our time with projects, fun outdoor time with the kids, exercise, and water time.  However, trying to keep our minds sharp and positive and our bodies anywhere near in shape is not as easy as it seems.  I'll be real honest with you guys.  My right thyroid lobe is large and has nodules.  The scan is consistent with thyroiditis, and I am just about the same age as my mom when she was diagnosed with Hashimotos.  When January rolled around, I thought the extra weight and fatigue were due to holiday indulgences.  No big deal I thought!  But when my usual methods didn't work I got suspicious.  Then I started coughing, a sign of thyroid enlargement and goiters.  With my training I knew I was able to check my thyroid and sure enough I felt enlargement and a lump.  

This was in February and unfortunately I still have been unable to see an endocrinologist due to COVID.  To be honest I am over it.  Brittle hair and nails, extreme fatigue, bloating, weight gain, etc... So I am following my own advice of AIP diet, certain regimen of supplements, and (oh no) no wine.  In my mind this is a HORRIBLE time for this to happen lol.  But all in God's timing.  I share this with you to be transparent in my own health journey.  Life presents challenges that are not quick fixes.  In September all my labs were normal despite a slight thyroid enlargement.  I am guessing the extra sugar and dairy from the holidays played a role in activating the autoimmune process.

DID YOU KNOW THAT FOR YOUR LABWORK TO BE ABNORMAL YOUR ORGAN IS LIKELY 70% MALFUNCTIONING? YEP! So trust your instincts and your body.  If you are not feeling up to par it is time to investigate what may be causing it, and change the root of the malfunction.  It can be difficult for loved ones and friends to know or help because often you still appear healthy.


Right now I have little desire or motivation to do anything other than hang out with my family and do as many inexpensive / free house projects as I can come up with.  So I am minimizing what I can and spending time with them.  Even exercise is hard for me right now.  You see, when you have a thyroid problem your metabolism does not function properly.  This makes my energy low, and makes it harder to push myself; and to top it off brings poor results.  ugh.


Bring on the exercise or donate my pants...

Without the exercise though I tend to be even more sad, less motivated, and make poor choices. Let's not even talk about what it does to the wardrobe. So,  I still am trying to make myself complete the exercise of the month as often as possible (sometimes 2, sometimes 5 times/week) in order to keep my spirits up, help me find a few moments to myself, and help me feel like there is hope to still fit it in my pants when this is all over!  The days I can muster the energy I am combining all the exercises since December for a full work out.  The more often I complete the work outs the easier the are.  Only completing them a couple of times a week makes every single time brutal.  4-6 times a week is ideal, but I haven't done this in weeks.  Why do I share this?  To let you know you aren't alone.  If you are knocking out the home work outs ROCK ON!  Challenge yourself in different ways.  Make it fun by trying it out on a paddle board or on a balance disc or incorporating a new piece of equipment!  Did you know that some personalities need more intense exercise, while others benefit more from consistent routine and self care (yoga)? Contact me if you would like to find out what personality type you have and what exercise style benefits you most!

Benefits of exercise (although almost endless these are some of my favorite reasons to incorporate regular exercise).  Log into the library for all the details!

  • Stronger Immune System (circulating and eliminating invaders, increased blood flow to fight disease, increased RBCs, WBCs, decreases stress hormones*, and potential rise in temperature could protect from invaders*). *These are helpful to a degree, but if your body is fighting something off INTENSE exercise can increase needs and make it harder for your body to heal, so we don't recommend that.
  • Improved circulation
  • Better focus
  • Increased metabolism


Others methods of FREE home exercise right now:

  • Our exercises of the month found on our IGTV and YouTube channel @spoiledlife4u (this is our choice obviously because it is low impact, free, and addresses toning and strengthening and can be a cardiovascular work out if all are combined in circuit format)
  • Pelaton is offering 90days free on their app which contains many different (non cycle) work outs and yoga routines.
  • Club Pilates is offering a free trial on their app (normally $15/month) which offers a large variety of Pilates work outs for mats or with equipment.  Choose your time frame, your goal, and your equipment and set off on your work out!
  • You Tube offers many yoga, pilates, and dance type work outs.  Subscribe on your TV and follow your favorites for easy access (most smart TVs have a YouTube app for easy access).
  • Walking, running, or biking a minimum of 20min 3-5 times a week.


Don't forget to get outside.  Exercising outside only enhances the benefits, so if you have the weather, make the space!



For the remainder of the quarantine I am gifting a care package to a front line health care worker for every kit that is purchased through me.  Have you thought about creating a regimen that would keep your family healthy?  Through difficult times often comes beautiful things.  My hope is that many of you will create healthy and useful habits that will last a lifetime and generations!  To start today check out our new "wellness box" recommendations.


In love and health,





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