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As a CRNA I am accustomed to wearing a mask, and after 10 years of practice I still don't like it.. 

Unfortunately, it is a necessary evil for the protection of myself and my patients.  While I am hopeful the extreme measures to protect from COVID are coming to an end, there are a few simple things we should keep in mind going forward.  To mask or not to mask, what to use, and how to protect ourselves.

Medical masks are designed to protect others from my germs and me from theirs.  Cloth masks are not the same, and in most circumstances they will only protect others from your germs.  The cloth would allow penetration of bacteria you are exposed to and then you can inhale or spread that with contact.  There have been some videos and very short studies that indicate some materials or fabrics can provide personal protection too, but I have not seen conclusive evidence.

What is one to do?

I can remember in high school our school closing down for 2 weeks because 70% of the students and teachers were out with the flu.  It was a particularly viral year.  Had we practiced many of the habits we have learned since March we likely would not have shut down.  Every year, the hospitals are inundated with flu patients.  The ICUs and bronchoscopy labs are full, and resources are stretched.   My hope and prayer is that we all incorporate and encourage better aseptic, infectious practices in general.  We should continue the following practices every year, paying special attention in cold months (yes, many viruses are unable to live in warmer temperatures; which is a small part of why they circulate).

  • Continue to get outside, especially in cold months
  • Wash hands to your favorite jingle or ABCs consistently
  • Do NOT go to work or send children to school for 48hrs after a fever and certainly not with a fever.
  • Try not to touch public surfaces with fingers or sanitize immediately.
  • Hands:  We utilize "hand jail" for the kids where they lock their hands in and don't touch, but I use elbows and knuckles which keepme from spreading germs to the girls and me. 
  • Cough into your sleeve, rather than hands
  • Masks:  Wear one if:
    • you have been around someone sick
    • travelled to hot spots
    • haven't been feeling well and MUST go out
    • Your immunocompromised friends (transplant patients, cancer patients, immune diseases) will thank you!
  • Respect personal space and keep your distance during "flu season"
  • HEAR ME ON THIS:  SUPPORT YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM.  ALL THE TIME!  This is the key to a full, peaceful, abundant life.  This is how you help others (place your gas mask on first) See our wellness protocol or grab a consult to learn more.

Now, if you are like me breathing your own breath and CO2 is not a comfortable state.  Make sure you find a place to take a break and some good fresh breaths.  So, you don't need to wear a mask when:

  •  In your own car or home
  • Properly distanced from others (2-6ft depending on temperatures, season, and virus)
  • Outside (for the most part, with social distancing)
  • Support your skin:  Our home made serum and lotion found in the beauty recipes.  For something on the go I put the beauty serum recipe in a roller ball.  Make sure you get a good cleanse, tone, and serum coverage before bed each night as that as when our skin (and body) rest and repair.  Use a good moisturizer or moisturizing primer in the morning too (I like the serum for this also or Young Living's moisturizing primer).  Finally, if you are a health care provider or just struggling with more difficult skin patches the Young Living Rose Ointment is the best value on the market.  So therapeutic, without adding problems from additional chemicals,  it will last a year and at $24.50 is a great deal!  I have been including this in the care packs I am sending to front line providers!

In addition, my favorite way to support immunity and good breath is to mix a capful of Thieves mouthwash with water in a 2 ounce spray bottle.  (Alternatively, make our mouthwash recipe and just fill a small spray bottle).  Just spritz the inside of your cheeks or back of throat as needed or at least twice a day!

Now, stay tuned as we head into May.  Get your friends signed up on the newsletter as May will be EVERYTHING women's health!  We are going places we have never gone before, and we are excited!

  • You've got this:  All about how to stay sane, less irritable, and less anxious.
  • Swing, swing, swing: From the little known hormonal surge around 7yo to menopause we have some tips for maintaining health and happiness.  
  • Pick your battles:  Find out what little things around you may be making life harder, and making you more anxious.
  • Guest appearances:  We are blessed to welcome a talented Physical Therapist who will share with us tips for Pelvic floor health.
  • New protocols and wellness box recommendations.  Being in my mid-forties I am beginning to need more support to maintain my health and wellness.  This has led me to also make it easier for other women to do the same. I  am sharing my research and protocols with you.  These are the same protocol I have used with dozens of other for better sleep, increased energy, and less anxiety.  


So don't be afraid or too annoyed to GET OUTSIDE!  Be proactive and intentional in creating a safe, fun, and therapeutic outdoor space for the health of your home and community.



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In love and health,



A promise from me:

Our bodies will have a successful immune response when exposed if we create the right environment and give it the right tools!

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