What are your best Fly or Ride Companions?

Traveling is stressful enough. I find having a few tools, and incorporating a simple habit or two greatly improves my experiences! Oh yeah, and keeps me well enough to enjoy my adventures!

Join me for some of the best ways to support your mind, body, and spirit while on the roads, water, or in the air.

My musts:

  1. Realignment tool.  After sitting for so long my neck, shoulders, back ALWAYS ache.  I find myself a little irritable about it.  Tossing a Denner Roll, inflatable balance disk, or small therapy ball can make all the difference in the rest of my trip.  I try to use them as soon as we get settled so I can thoroughly enjoy the rest of the trip.
  2. Stainless water bottle.  Drinking plenty of water in travel keeps me from eating on a whim, keeps my energy up, and lets me sneak in extra tummy support with Peppermint or Lemon EOs dropped in!
  3. Speaking of essential oils (EOs) I don’t go anywhere without:
    1. Valor - to handle the crazy schedules and mishaps that happen with travel
    2. Stress Away - for obvious reasons
    3. Belly Balm (Digize plus Peppermint) for digestive support.
    4. Peppermint - because I tend to get nauseous and appreciate extra energy
    5. Endoflex - to support my endocrine system
    6. Lavender, Tranquil for nerves and sleep
    7. Thieves & Citrus Fresh to diffuse and spritz everywhere for cleansing

Spa bonuses:

  1. USB diffuser.  I always ask the hotel not to use air fresheners, and I usually don’t have them change our sheets.  I run the diffuser and spray the environment for a restful, clean environment.  I also find I get a lot less headaches and sniffles when I do this!
  2. Personalize your own roll ons for your “perfume” or Cologne.  Joy + Orange for the ladies and Mister + Valor for the men are my favorites
  3. Make mini bug repellants and sun protection roll ons for unexpected adventures.  

Wellness Pro tips:

So lets be real.  All that recycled air on planes, old vents in the hotels, and new environments can wreak havoc. Following these tips will keep you healthy and strong, and may bring you home recharged rather than exhausted!  

I HIGHLY recommend keeping a small dram of coconut oil with Thieves and Frankincense on hand.  I apply in my nostrils before each flight and any time I feel I need a little immune boost.  The coconut oil protects the mucosa and oils boost the immune system and raise your frequency (also disturbed by the flight and electronics).

So take just a few moments to add some goodies to your bag for many more enjoyable moments!

*Don't miss our wellness protocol addressed in our video series (IGTV & YouTube) this week and listed in our "protocols" in the library!

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