We survived the election, and we are so close to the end of 2020.


Please note, I wrote this well before Election Day, so I have no idea who is President elect as you read this article. What I do know is that 47% of our country likely woke up sad, scared, confused, and frustrated.  In fact the vast majority of us may feel this way no matter who won the election.

So how do we lift the burden from our hearts, the weight from our chest, the heaviness in our throats, the fear in our hearts?

We choose to.  Hear me out.

We cannot control the thoughts, words, and actions of others; but we CAN control our own thoughts, words, and actions.  Choosing to focus on what we can do allows us to keep stepping forward.  Continuing to be responsible for our own choices allows us to make an impact.

Actions to consider TODAY, right NOW to lift these burdens, and make the best choices for you, your family, and your friends.  Remember, choosing positivity in difficult times isn't selfish, isn't foolish, isn't insensitive. Choosing to take positive steps towards joy, towards peace, towards kindness and love will allow us to bridge gaps, make connections, understand one another, and come together as Americans. I would argue our own health, mental wellness, and state of mind are one of our biggest responsibilities as Americans right now as it affects our fears, our understanding, and our actions; which impacts our entire community right now.

  • CHOOSE to be the positive light in your community that will spread.  You don't have to be giddy or always happy.  What you are choosing is to focus on what you can do, what is working, and what you can change.  Do what you know to be right in each situation.  Set the standard and example for your kids, your neighbors, your friends.
  • BREATHE.  Literally, when fear, stress, anxiety hit we breathe less often and much more shallow.  Unfortunately this is the exact opposite of what our bodies need to overcome this rush of emotion.  This is exactly why there is a little reminder on Apple watches to deep breath x 1 min.  See our 4x4x4 technique for a proven way to stimulate the limbic system, calm our sympathetic system down, and clear our minds from the fear and clutter.
    • Rub your hands with Frankincense, Peace and Calming, or Tranquil essential oil blends to enhance the benefits with aroma therapy.
    • Add 1-2 drops of  T-Away or Trauma life to your nightly diffuser combination to help you move through this traumatic year, and cope with these disturbing events and interactions.
  • Recognize.  Understand that this has been an extremely trying time for most all of us.  Even for those that were able to pivot and adapt quickly 2020 has held more changes than we should have to deal with in any given year.  This year qualifies as traumatic, or any deeply disturbing event.  For more on this.
  • Receive:  Receive these tools and utilize them!!!
  • Utilize and Share:
    • AROMATHERAPY:  Seriously, no better time than now. Just do it. If you still aren't sure and you are local, I loan you a diffuser for a week.  For aromatherapy to be effective it has to be
      • Therapeutic grade essential oils (it matters)  Easiest way to know? Grab a lavender from Whole Foods and then ask a friend from Young Living for a Lavender sample.  But read more in our full essential oil education in the hub!
      • Essential oils, whether applied or inhale often need repeated utilization.  Studies show consistent use is most effective.  This is just part of what makes the 4x4x4 breathing technique perfect for aromatherapy.  Studies show that 4 deep breaths alters brain patterns and helps balance brain response.
      • Favorite oils during these times:  Frankincense, Peace & Calming, Lavender, Valor, T-Away, Release, Joy.  I make a roller bar that contains the last 3 with some Orange EO, and it makes all the difference in my responses throughout the day..
    • Outdoors:  Get outdoors, spend time in nature.
      • From the Vitamin D, to the connection with the earth being outside right now is only good for you.  Whether for 15min or most of the day, go stretch, exercise, read, write, play, garden.  Just do it.
      • Commit to 15MIN /DAY
    • Engage in a hobby.
      • Occupying your mind in a positive, productive way resets your brain pathways, stimulates creativity, and positive thinking.  My favorite essential oils to diffuse during these times are Envision, Thieves, or Bergamot and Juniper.
    • Start your morning with our 5 minute abundance and gratitude routine or create your own!  See our hub under "healthy habits" for some tips and outlines.
  • Set boundaries:
    • Spend your time off line, on the phone, or in person with those that will lift you up and help you be your best self.
    • Be kind, but allow yourself the ability to say no thank you.
    • Seek out those that do lift you up and support you.
    • Seek out those engaged in healthy activities you would enjoy.


This is how we thrive, not just survive.  This is how the American people reconnect and grow.  One person, one friend, one community at a time.  Hearts, habits, and health change in our homes, not through policies.  Trust me, I know.  Remember, my journey and passion was sparked from a sordid history.  Read my full story here.  To be 43 and free from surgery, significant autoimmune disturbances, GI issues, and pain is a HUGE win in my family and for me.  Good skin, energy, and joy are the icing on the cake!

So what now?  You guessed it, pick a place and get started.  Check out our wellness boxes for your category if you want the easy button.  Our wellness protocol found in the library is already set up to do this for you.  It contains all the components to reduce your risks of Cancer and many other diseases.

What to expect when you apply these habits:  A LOT OF BENEFITS.  Some will be seen quickly, others are benefits that help reduce long term risks.  Most of these are long term gains, not something you see in the short run.  Remember that!  Log in and our explore our LIBRARY today.  It is packed full of the tools we have been releasing all years, and there is not better time than right now to. tart somewhere. Find your specific key you have been looking for.

  • Better rest
  • Less anxiety
  • More peace
  • More productivity
  • Great quality connections
  • Positive changes
  • Why?  Because your organs are happy!  They are being fed what they need, not exposed to what damages them and makes their job hard.  This makes EVERYTHING work better.  When your body is free to do it's job you are free to live your life!

NEXT WEEK: WE ENTER the holiday season.  We will be focusing on gratitude, joy, and all those treats and fragrances that bring up those emotions.   

Follow along over the next few weeks as we share how to navigate this season with a heart full of joy and a healthy body and mind!

This is the purpose of our wellness hub, to arm you with the information and tools you need to make healthier decisions on the day to day, and reduce your risks factors for all things that pose threats.  Grab your passporttoday and search for the one habit you are going to swap out TODAY.  

Do you want specific guidance and encouragement?  Click on our consult page for a detailed plan customized to your risk and needs.  I will look at the big pictures and help you create the habits that work for you and produce lifelong health and abundance. To start today check out our new "wellness box" recommendations or click our consult button today!  $50 per e-consult, $150 for telephone or FT, and $200 in person.  Through the end of June new passport holders (website members) can receive $50 off their personal consultation and plan. Young Living starter kits truly are the easy button.   If you are ready today click here bit.ly/AmberOsborneYoungLiving or shoot me a message now!

Where will you start?


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In love and health,



Amber N Osborne, CRNA, APRN, MSN


A promise from me:

Our bodies will have a successful immune response when exposed if we create the right environment and give it the right tools!

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