Wellness Reset & Biohacking

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We all are uniquely wired, but our wires don't have to define us.

Have you heard of biohacking?

Biohacking just refers to our ability to guide or alter our cellular health. WHAT?!?!

We have the ability to turn certain genes on, keep them from being activated, or prevent growth of abnormal cells.  

Different cels utilize different food sources, communicate in different pathways, or have abilities to adapt.

Basically, this means that through nutrition and activity choices we can reduce our risks for certain illness and injuries to arise and reverse certain pathways.

You may not have realized it, but our 30 day wellness reset challenge is just one way to support healthy cel growth and communication, reducing risk for illness and injury of all types. A variety of antioxidants, healthy fats, and balanced whole food nutrition is just what your cels need to function (communicate) properly. In addition, elimination of added sugars, processed foods, and unhealthy fats reduces your risks even further.

Are you beginning to see the picture we are painting for you?  Follow us and you will be living a risk reduction lifestyle that will lead to great abundance and longevity!  You will look up and realize you have more energy than ever, are more productive, and hardly ever get sick anymore.  Then the sky is the limit for family life, goals, dreams, travel, and blessing others.

Haven't joined us yet? No worries!  Get your order in and start on your own time.  Follow along in our social media for encouragement, tips, health facts and fitness ideas.  After all, we are all about "wellness your way, on your time".


1.  Begin each day with 8 ounces of water (ideally with 1-2 drops Lemon Vitality oil) This establish a good pH and metabolic process in the gut.

2.  Breakfast:  spoiled life coffee (see recipes on the hub or IG) (Not a coffee drinker? Have a slice shake, egg dish, or try our recipe with tea instead. The goal is to get your serving of fat and protein in.

3.  Lunch:  Slique shake (or fast until dinner for intermittent fasting and Keto approach)

4.  Snacks (if necessary) nuts, avocado, fermented veggies

5.  Dinner:  Balanced protein and veggies (and not after 7 ideally)

6.  1 ounce daily Ningxia Red

7.  Drink half your body weight in water

Pro Tip:

The first 2-3 days can lead to fatigue with any diet change.  Press on.

Bloating and irregularity can also occur as your gut biome changes and new food patterns are established.  Press on.  Should resolve in the week.  (I take Essentialzymes-4 daily with diet changes and Comforting supplement as needed for regularity.)

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