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Create a comfortable outdoor environment for your well-being.  Inability to see friends, having to cook yet another meal, or literally the bugs outside as weather warms up could be our biggest stressor of the day.

We have all been in this six weeks now.  Whether the storm is brewing or the sun is breaking through for you, we have to recognize each of our experiences of this unprecedented time is different. We hope you continue to check in with your friends, family, and neighbors to see where they are at today.  

That being said, there are a few things we all have in common, no matter the degree of storm in our lives.  All month we have been discussing ways to stay healthy, and the role that "getting outside" plays in our mental and physical well-being. Along with that comes additional concerns of skin protection, cancer prevention, and disease prevention.  We reviewed in detail how to protect our skin from the sun's rays, while still getting our vitamin C.  Join us today to discover how create a comfortable and safe outdoor environment, protecting your immune system from pesky little bugs and preserving your outdoor time.

Living in Florida the bugs are a real threat.  They come in all sizes and shapes.  They come early and they stay late.  Aside from being a tremendous nuisance when exercising, grilling, or just trying to relax; they can also be a danger.  Many insects carry blood born diseases and bites can put us at risk.  In addition, scratching these bites can expose your body to bacteria that normally lives on your skin (like staph).

What is one to do?

Living on 2 acres with "jungle" on either side (literally, trees, vines, and so many tropical plants) we are quite the breeding ground for all sorts of critters). We do our best to support the ecosystem and circle of life around here, so we encourage butterflies and birds (with certain plants) that will help eat mosquitos and even leave some wasps and good spiders hanging around to help out.  We also live in 800 square feet so it is important for us to create a comfortable and safe outdoor environment for all of us!

Unfortunately, most yard and body sprays are extremely toxic (research proven) and our skin absorbs all of these toxins.  Have you ever read the back of the bottles and the warnings?  They often recommend you shower within 1 hour of applying, and the yard treatments we are not supposed to play on, run bare foot on, or inhale for at least 24hrs.  Some even recommend you spray down play equipment prior to use!  Yikes!  We don't spray for bugs or weeds around here, so we don't have to worry about play equipment, bare feet, or our sweet furry friends (or our bees and butterflies and such).  This helps our garden flourish (see our post two weeks ago about other ways to protect and nourish your garden).

Since getting outside is more important than ever I'll share with you the multiple ways we protect ourselves. See our favorite ways to protect against mosquitos, and create our comfortable and safe outdoor space!

  • Strong breezes help keep mosquitos away, so consider a fan on the patios or creating an outdoor space in a breezier area of your yard if possible.
  • Personal repellants:  I keep a couple of different kinds with different applicators so I have one everywhere!
    • Make our DIY repellant recipe and roll (these are my favorite rollers) or spray on your way out the door.  (Recipe found in the library under outdoor recipes). Alternatively you can make a lotion with these essential oils listed in the recipe and just rub that on every morning or evening before enjoying your yard!
    • Order my favorite repellant.  I love this because it takes so little, and it is easy.  We can dab a little on our ankles, wrists, and behind our ears and be good to go.  I have also ordered these sprayers, diluted it and created a nice fine repellant spray!
    • We can spray all over or roll on points mentioned above.  The rollers are easy to keep in the car, purse, or by the door for on the go.  We even have a box out on the patio with one.  The sprayers are great for at home.  I find company seems to be more comfortable with these.
    • What I love about these solutions is that they are safe for all ages and dogs and horses, safe for the environment, smell good, and are effective.  We don't feel like we need a shower after putting them on either with no sticky film or film at all!
    • Bonus, these may even provide some immune support for scratched and disrupted skin.  (although it may feel hot on an open cut for the littles)
  • Yard repellants:  From zappers to UV lights to sound emitters we have tried so many solutions.  These are my favorite eliminators to hang around the yard.  The company gives clear instructions and pictures for easy success!  They were by attracting the mosquitos and then causing the mosquitos to die before laying eggs; thereby eradicating them.  The success was shocking at my parents house where they have a smaller area and no breeze.
  • Small outdoor dining and entertainment spaces:  We do also utilize torches and candles, as much for atmosphere as for protection.  If we are enjoying a picnic on a day without a breeze we will likely light up the torches and candles using this oil.  Be kind to your lungs and your guests by utilizing this rather than the toxic oils.  It is available in Eucalyptus and Citronella.


All of these linked items can also be found on our smart shopper page under home and garden!  This makes it easy to share with your friends or on social media too, making your community healthier by the day!

Get started today, creating your comfortable and safe outdoors space!

So don't be afraid or too annoyed to GET OUTSIDE!  Be proactive and intentional in creating a safe, fun, and therapeutic outdoor space for the health of your home and community.


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