Word, Word, Word of the Year…

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Have you ever chosen a "word of the year"?

I was never so sure about this habit, but in 2016 "joy" was fleeting.  Everywhere I turned it showed up in different ways and I decided to give this habit a try.  Joy ended up being my word for two years because I just didn't quite have enough hold on it yet.  The impact it had and the story that ensued can be found on the hub under our "joy story".


Since then I have realized that choosing a word of the year is really choosing an "intention".  Choosing an intention is powerful!  You are the power of change, and CHOOSING what to focus on creates that change.  So yes, I choose a word of intention every year.  This year....


Choosing the verb form was also intentional and powerful. This is the first year I chose a verb.  Maybe because before I need rest or answers, but this year the verb form was loud and clear.   Already a story is unfolding, and I look forward to sharing it all with you.

As you choose your words, intentions, actions tag me in it @spoiledlife4u or #wordoftheyear so we can root each other on and share the growth that happens!

- Create a bracelet with your word ( I like "My Intentions" kits) as a gentle reminder.
- Create a roller ball of essential oils that supports your search, journey, intention.
- Breath!!! Check out my breathing exercises. Pausing to breathe leads to so many good things and allows you to focus on what is truly important.

Start today with one of these suggestions for a better tomorrow!
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