You Might Be Victim to the Sugar Monster if….

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Pulling your hair out wondering why in the world you or the kids suddenly ...

  • Are spontaneously crying
  • Have itchy and scratchy ears
  • Have moods viciously swinging
  • Experiencing crashing energy
  • Have jittery nerves
  • Mind is anxious and scattered
  • Stomach is nauseated for no good reason
  • Getting to sleep is difficult and so is staying asleep
  • Your throat is suddenly scratchy

Steps to eliminating this monster and feeling like yourself again!

  1. Identify the monster!  Where did that sugar come from?
  2. Remove said sugar monster food from home. Eliminating added sugars will allow your body to better process the special treats throughout the holiday season.  Keep fruits or small dark chocolate bites around if you really want something. (see my chocolate bites recipes in the library)
  3. Eat full, good fats (avocado, nuts, coconut oil/milk).  Lots of it!
  4. Drink LOTS of water - sugar actually dehydrates you. (don’t get me started on gatorade and energy drinks)
  5. Essential oils for more rapid return to yourself: Drink Peppermint vitality oil in water, and rub on LOTS of lavender.  A little Lemon, Slique Essence, or Juvaflex essential oils over your liver and behind your ears will help move it on out!

Keep this in mind as we head into low sun (vitamin D), high sweets, poor diet, increased stress aka “flu” season.

May peace be with you…..

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