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Agape, the verb form of love

Let's explore how we can show ourselves love by loving the skin that we are in!

Beauty - in the eye of the beholder, from within, blah blah blah

Let's be honest.  Mom was right.  Beauty IS from within - being who you are designed. Being true to your gifts and talent. Being honest, being caring, being loving.  All of these traits lead to less stress, more authenticity, greater sparkle in the eye and produce that special "beauty".

That sparkle in your eye, the glow of your skin comes when your body and soul are healthy. Your skin is a reflection of your state of health. When I eat processed foods, gluten, dairy...I break out. When I am over worked and stressed I break out or get dark circles or bags or lines. When I used to cake my skin with toxins, I broke out.


If you want to get rid of or prevent dark circles, fine lines, break outs of any type it is time to....

Take a moment for a little self reflection. Be honest with yourself. Write down your passions and talents. What gets you excited?

Write down the names of people that make you better. Write down things you can do to have a healthier environment in your home and work place.  Start spending your time and energy here.   

As you detox your life and your body you will shine more and more. 

IN THE MEANTIME: Take time to breathe each day (Valor,  Frankincense, Magnify Your Purpose, & White Angelica essential oils are my favorites for this). Visit my 4x4x4 breathing technique for optimal effects!

Do your best to get deep sleep every night (Cedarwood + Lavender + Believe or White Angelica) or any Valerian combination. 

Use products that support your skin not cover you up. You ARE beautiful.  You have something special to offer your community.  Our skin Protocol is now LIVE on the Hub

Here we outline a nightly regimen as well as foundations and special skin care needs.


  • GREAT skin doesn't have to be expensive.
  • Improve skin turn over by incorporating Vitamins A, C,D, E, K; hydrating, and incorporating zinc and selenium.  Ningxia Red and Mindwise or Aminowise provide these supplements in natural form. These antioxidants are a HUGE component of beautiful skin!  My ounce a day provides so many benefits which is why you see it repeated in so many posts.
  • Improve cel turnover by scrubbing at least weekly.
  • Remove toxins with charcoal masks weekly.
  • ALL skin types need moisturizers, from the inside and out.  Even oily and combination types.  It took me a while to discover this. Follow the protocol and discover your glow.
  • pH balance is important and this comes from diet and skin regimen.
  • SEARCH the library for any of these terms for details, research, protocols, recipes, and more.
  • TOP 10 problems for skin:  fragrances, nicotine, cholesterol drugs, UV rays, autoimmune inflammations, SLS, poor diet.
  • There are solutions for these problems!  Search the library or click for a consultation and customized plan!

MY FAVORITES: clean, safe, effective, affordable.

  • Wash: spOILedLife DIY Recipe or YL Orange Blossom for Acne or Art for sensitive.
  • Toner:  spOILedLife DIY Recipe
  • Scrub:  spOILedLife DIY sugar scrub
  • Treatment:  YL Beauty Serum ($22) or DIY spOILedlife skin serum
  • Moisturizer:  spOILedLife DIY or YL Sheerlume
  • Essential Oils:  Neroli, Frankincense, Geranium, Myrrh, Sandalwood,  Carrot Seed, Melrose, Tea Tree, Progessence Plus, & Rose.
  • Antioxidant combination: Ningxia red
  • Click My YL link to grab your Ningxia red kit or a Basic kit and my favorite beauty products!




Our protocols are designed to help you create healthy habits (such as sleep), address acute needs safely, simply, and affordably at home, and have more consistent wellness. So don't miss out.

Start today with one of these suggestions for a better tomorrow!
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