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 “A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures”. - unknown



TO SLEEP WELL: Bump the Blue Light

Blue light is a shorter wavelength light, emitted largely from our electronic devices. This light scatters causing eye strain, fatigue, altered sleep patterns, headaches, and retinal cell damage. Blue light is very disruptive at night and over the long term. Researchers now think it may be contributing to short term memory loss and dementia.

In our house we have a “no electronics during the week” rule. Friday night movie and Saturday morning cartoons plus a little game action later is our standard. Now electronics are a treat to look forward to rather than a “right”. We implemented this approach because of the impact we found it had on our children’s (and our) attitudes, creativity, togetherness, sleep and physical activity.


Habit of the Week: Bump the Blue light

Swap the blue light electronics for a book!

Try “family book club” where you all grab a book and read in close proximity or snuggled up together.

Alternative routines: puzzles, reading, drawing, coloring, stargazing, journaling. Spend the last hour for bed renewing rather than taxing your mind and body. A little classical music feeds the mind and soul too.

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