Christmas spirit or Christmas stress?

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Joy, excitement, glitter, giving, and STRESS?

Why the "most wonderful time of the year" also leaves us exhausted and stressed

Christmas marks the beginning of Advent season where Christians celebrate the birth and then the death and resurrection of the Christ Child.  It is a season to focus on humility, sacrifice, service, and giving (or blessing others).  A well off Bishop, St. Nicholas, is arguably the most famous human that exemplifies these priorities.  St. Nicholas would often give to the poor with “secret” gifts.  The secret gift giving was an act of humility, not wishing to receive credit, but simply to bless the receiver.  It is these traits we try so hard to focus on during this entire advent season (not ending December 26).  

Being married to a trumpeter and have two young children in school, this season is not what I imagine.  I imagine evenings decorating and baking cookies, weekends with family and touring gingerbread houses and lights, and Christmas music filling the air.  Shopping, cooking, and sharing with those in need.  The reality is that it seems every second is booked and little family time is had.  I have to be very intentional with the start of the advent season and our time throughout December, coordinating all of our schedules and carving out time for these special moments. Otherwise, it is far too easy to get caught up in the parties, social opportunities, gift buying, travel, and playing. 

So if the Christmas season is the “most wonderful time of the year” why  do often find ourselves stressed and sick?

Some of the reasons are obvious

  • Less sleep
  • More electronics (we have to get our holiday movies in, right?)
  • Less sunshine and outdoor activities
  • Less physical activity
  • More sugar
  • Extra emotional stress and triggers (family, loss, tragedy, depression)


How do we counter these inevitable triggers and avoid illness and emotional disturbances?

  • Attitude of Gratitude.  I understand this can be sooo hard.  I get it.  I have been through loss, trauma, natural disaster.  I HIGHLY encourage you to pause and list 3-5 things you are grateful for.  I promise you have them and can choose them today.  Focus on what this day or the people around you can bring you (or what you can bring to others).

One of our favorite tools to help us with this is something called the Giving Manger. Adding hay each day as we find ways to bless others has helped us fill our home with the true Spirit of the Season.


giving us quality family time, blessing others, and keeping the focus on the good. Touring the gingerbread house competition for charity

  • Shopping for a family in need
  • Filling our Giving Manger with hay from deeds well done (click for discount code)
  • Baking my great grandmothers chocolate pie and our 3-ingredient chocolate bites
  • Creating hand-made gifts for our friends, teachers, and neighbors (Visit the Library and type "gift" for our favorite recipes)
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