Welcome to low vitamin D, high stress, high sugar season. Whoops, I mean cold and flu season

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 Habit of the Week: 



This is sugar monster season. Little bodies are designed to process about 25g of sugars a day and adults about 50 or less. When we load up on sugar, we can all turn into monsters, and peaceful evening, chaos. Think HANGRY but with a huge crash. Combined with less sunshine and more stress our immune systems can’t keep up and all those hidden viruses rear their ugly heads.


Have you noticed you or your child: 

  • crying at the little things

  • breaking down over silliness

  • quick to anger

  • more congested than usual

  • completely unable to stay on task 

If you answered yes to any of these than they likely have too much sugar on board.


Remember, sugar attacks the gut, disrupts the nervous system, and hinders the immune system. (anxiety, lack of focus, poor rest quality, congestion) 

Save the processed sugar for public events and at home try different types of “treat”.



Dessert is just on the weekends in our house. Sometimes we cleanse our palate with a little fruit, especially bananas. Bedtime is a much easier transition this way! I promise you/they won’t be deprived and will still live full and happy lives without all the processed sugar treats and drinks.


More about “flu” season and vitamins:




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