The Skinny on Your Skin

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Would you like fabulous skin without the price tag? 


Our skin is our largest organ and does require our attention, but does not require expensive regimens, facials, and products.


You have heard me mention that your skin is the body's first line of defense, and our largest organ.  It is also our first impression.  I have unfortunately spent many years ignoring this vital organ.  Fortunately, our skin is forgiving and regenerates well.  With my new tool box I have found revitalized skin and a healthy glow once again.   


Our skin is an EXTERNAL reflection of an INTERNAL state.   


Fine lines and wrinkles, acne, dry spots, eczema patches, psoriasis, dark circles are all symptoms of stress, food intolerance, low iron, inflammation.  Ultimately for healthy, radiant skin throughout your life you have to clean up what goes in AND on your body.  Trust me, I know all too well the stress and sadness caused by "bad skin".  Suffering with eczema and embarrassing break outs broke my confidence and hindered my goals.  I tried it all from expensive regimens to antibiotics to various ointments and creams; each of those having their own side effects.    


So what finally brought my skin back? For me, a gluten free diet is IMPERATIVE (and for most people suffering from eczema and other "autoimmune" type conditions).  No more acne or eczema outbreaks.  I know, big sigh.  But it is worth it.  Visit my pantry and my library for all the tools you need to make it happen, one step at a time. I have done the hard work of trial and error for you.  Follow my guidelines for pantry stocks, shopping, and meal to make this MUCH easier for you and your family.  


Now I am able to focus on keeping my skin young and radiant looking with just a few simple steps on a "regular" basis.  (Anyone who knows me will tell you routines are not my strong point.  I like them, but with my schedule and our choices of activities a routine hasn't been a part of our lives for years). Below are the basics.  Log into the library and check out our "skin care" protocol, "Beauty" recipes and "Favorite Swaps"  to get your skin glowing today!  Does "natural" skin care really work? ABSOLUTELY.  I and many on my team are a testament to that! 


Basics for naturally glowing skin:


  • Remove dirt and elements from the day
  • Avoid chemical make up removers and cleansers
  • Consider Tea Tree, Sandalwood, & Lemon Essential Oils


  • Helps remove any remaining make up or contaminants
  • Balance pH
  • Shrink pores
  • Protect skin and body by shrinking pore opening
  • Consider these oils in your toner:  Lemongrass, Tea Tree, Cassia, Lemon, & Peppermint 


  • Helps increase cell turnover (regeneration).
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Reduces wrinkles and signs of aging
  • Consider these oils for exfoliation:  Citrus & Geranium & Ginger


To further reduce signs of aging and see improved plumping you have to increase collagen production.  This can be done with diet, Vitamin C, copper peptides, scrubs, peels, and chemicals.


PRO-TIPS: Easy button options - 

(If you are not a DIY kind of guy/gal these are my favorite products)

Are you an athlete or dedicated work out guru?  Keep a Norwex cloth and some toner (see recipes), or YL Lavender wipes handy to wash face off after work-outs, swims, dirty jobs.  Cleansing those pores quickly of the toxins you sweat out will have a big impact on keeping your skin clear.

1.  Young Living Essential Beauty Serum (@ $20.75 it will last all year and produce immediate results).  I highly recommend pouring it into a 30ml roller or dropper bottle and adding jojoba oil.  It is quite potent and for some produces irritating effects of having a facial or peel. 

I rub nightly over forehead and around eyes to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

2.  Sheerlume ($69.75)

Moisturizing and brightening, this cream helps smooth skin tone and color and keep skin moisturized. Again, this will last all year.  Rub this on every night before bed or use under make-up as your primer for added skin protection.  Remember, ALL skin types need moisturizing.  I have combination and find this to be perfect!


3.  Savvy Minerals Make-up (Grab a starter kit for just $150 & get all our resources free)

Did you know most women will absorb 5lbs of toxins per year from make & beauty products?  YIKES?! Most beauty products attempt to COVER the problem not correct the problem; and usually end up adding to it.  This is completely unnecessary when healthy, high performing, and affordable lines like Savvy exists.  I chose this make-up after trying many organic and "safer" lines.  Why?  It is super easy to apply to any degree (from just a thin layer of protect to dramatic looks), it is not only safe, but actually good for your skin, and it is affordable (I actually get most of my make-up and beauty products free just by ordering YL monthly and getting $$ back to spend). *Add either of the above products and receive a free amazon pack from me to help you get started!


*As with any truly therapeutic product they may "detox" you skin.  Sometimes skin gets worse before better as the toxins and pH adjustments are made.  

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