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Beauty from Within


Mother always said, "beauty comes from the inside".  As a teenager I can visualize myself rolling my eyes (sorry mom) and discounting it as mom trying to make me feel better. As usual, she was right, AGAIN!  When I heard this phrase, I always related it to character traits like kindness.  As in, kind people have a particular beauty about them.  While this is true, there is also a physiologic reason behind the phrase!

Our external appearance is a reflection of our internal state.

Facebook has some endearing qualities and one of those are the memories that pop up.  Our daughter just turned 6, so we were able to revisit the days of her birth and homecoming!  What I noticed though is how much younger we appeared just 6 years ago; and it got me thinking.  Have you ever seen those checklist where you score points for stressful events and things such as moving and loss of family always rate at the top? Well since Ava's birth I lost my grandmother, moved 4 times (2 emergently), escaped a horrific wildfire, survived hurricane Irma and the loss of our home, changed jobs, built a wellness business, and survived all the other projects, stressful anesthesia job, mom life, growing kids, injuries, etc.. Any one of these events can take a toll, much less living in constant state of stress.  Personally, this shows in my skin, the whites of my eyes, and my energy and enthusiasm levels.  

High cortisol levels running through our body changes hormonal control and release.  It changes how our endocrine system responds to day to day stressors. It decreases metabolism, decreases collagen production, increases aches and pains.  Basically, over time it depletes our body of protective mechanism.   This is why it can be hard to lose weight, feel rested, or focus.  You may find it difficult to get high quality sleep or find yourself with generalized anxiety throughout your days. You are not alone, and you are not crazy.  In fact, you might just need a few tools and supplements to reset your endocrine system and manage your stress.  

Healthy people are generally happy people; and happy people are helpful people!

I always say that the healthier we are the more good we can do in this world!  I see this EVERY DAY!  The success stories I hear every week are what keep me going.  Below are my favorite tools for managing stress and maintaining a sparkle in the eye and beautiful appearance.  If you feel you need more guidance grab a consult with me!  In just 45 minutes we will review your goals, daily habits, and history and find the keys to get you where you want to be!  For a limited time, those that purchase a passport will receive $50 off their full consultation! Don't wait to unlock what is holding you back!  If you are ready to make some changes and feel your best reach out today by visiting our general recommendations for women on our wellness box page or by clicking here for a consult!

Tips for bringing out your beauty from within:

  • State of mind:  Start your day with our breathing exercises and gratitude practice!  This truly changes how you will address people, problems, and opportunities. Practicing these techniques will bring more states of joy and less states of frustration and sadness.  These techniques can be utilized throughout the day.  In fact, when my children whine or complain I immediately request them to name 3-5 things they are currently thankful for.  It completely changes our interaction and day, and certainly brings a smile over scowl to my face (which helps with the wrinkles lol).
  • Treat yourself:  You don't have to spend a lot of time or money to "be well taken care of".
    • A nice cup of hot tea
    • a yoga session
    • a few minutes in the garden
    • some time with your pets
    • a long walk or run
    • a hot spa bath or foot soak (3 drops Peace and Calming & 2 drops Panaway on Epsom salts is my current favorite.  I call it my Gumby soak)
    • or even rubbing a nice lotion and essential oil on your feet before using a massage roller.  A good massage roller combined with essential oils can be quite therapeutic for a number of issues.  How do you like to treat yourself?  Share on social media and tag us @spoiledlife4u or comment on our posts today!
  • Consumption:  this is a hard one for many
    • Increase water intake and add your favorite oil or drops for more enjoyment and health benefits.  I like Spearmint vitality EO or the Lavender lemonade squirts by Young Living.
    • Moderate alcohol consumption. Over a glass a day can lead to dehydration and strain on the kidneys and liver as well as add to the calorie count.
    • Moderate sugars (and cut processed sugars).  Sugars increase insulin release and change our metabolism as well as lead to physical and emotional "crashes" that can change how we respond to stress during the day and leave us worn out.  It can also lead to skin break outs and dehydration.

Incorporating these simple habits and changes will lead to a brighter, healthier, happier, AND MORE BEAUTIFUL YOU!  So what are you waiting for?



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In love and health,



Amber N Osborne, CRNA, APRN, MSN


A promise from me:

Our bodies will have a successful immune response when exposed if we create the right environment and give it the right tools!

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